Attn: XJW Community--Let's not just complain about WT-Let's be ACTIVISTS!!

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  • AndersonsInfo

    There are many ways that we can actively protest against the Watchtower's unjust and damaging policies. Here is one example of a method that is proving successful.

    Writing a letter is time-consuming for the author, but the results are worth it. The Letters to the Editor section of every newspaper is an area that has been underutilized by the XJW community. However, those who have sent in well thought out letters informing and warning the public about Jehovah's Witnesses' perilous (no-blood policy) and grievous religious practices (disfellowshipping/shunning and protect the pedophile sexual child assault policies), have been more than pleased with the aftermath. For instance, after Joel Jahn's disfellowshipping, he wrote an excellent letter to the editor of his town's local newspaper in Davenport, WA discussing the events surrounding his disfellowshipping. After the letter was published, Joel and his wife, Linda, received tremendous community support. (Interestingly, Joel hand-delivered his letter to the editor and was able to talk to him about the situation which probably helped to get the letter published.)

    After the letter was published, Joel contacted a newspaper in a nearby community and handed the article to the editor who then also printed Joel's letter. With such successful results, Joel contacted the largest newspaper in Spokane, Washington who sent a reporter to interview the Jahns. Within weeks, a large article with a picture of the Jahns appeared on the front page of the Spokane Review newspaper. This sparked a two-hour interview with Linda Jahn and myself on the "Mark Fuhrman" radio call-in show on 50,000 watt KGA, Spokane, WA three weeks ago. The response to the newspaper articles and the radio show was fantastic with hundreds of calls to the Jahns in support of their stand. And just think, all of this because of one carefully drafted letter to the editor of a local paper!

    For those who have never utilized this excellent medium to inform your neighbors about the wacky beliefs and the heartache that joining the Watchtower religion will bring to them and to their families, please try what Joel Jahn did--go see the editor of your newspaper and personally hand him your letter and see what happens. If your letter is published, which most likely it will be, you will have performed a community service.


  • TopHat

    But then wouldn't they accuse one of attacking the WTS or JWs? At least that is my experience when I try to explain why I no longer want to associate with the Watchtower organization. I then explain that it is not an attack but a fact.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Barb, is the Mark Furman interview available for download anywhere?

  • AndersonsInfo


    Randy Watters will put the audio of the Mark Furhman interview on his Freeminds website within the next few weeks. I'm certain when it is available to listen to, Randy (Dogpatch) will let everybody here on JWD know.


  • DannyHaszard

    This is the thread i have been waiting for top on the list is keeping a vigil on the news alerts and responding to reporters and related news forums: google news wire for Jehovah keyword BOOKMARK everyone and check whenever you log on Thread up How to bring down the Watchtower racket Can anyone design an OUTBOUND RSS news wire template for a blog ? There are thousands of ordinary sites blogs & forums that have their topics picked up by the google news crawler robot. Any way to get us on the google/msn/yahoo news wires. To smash the Watchtower we need our own news wire,we could have it hooked up to JWD for select topics (like Randy Freeminds does with his front page scroller) OR i could go solo with my own blog and guest writers. This is the next BIG step and should be our 'manhattan project'.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Good question, TopHat. Well, what's wrong with attacking the Watchtower with facts?

    Joel Jahn was unjustly disfellowshipped because he spoke out about WT's terrible sexual child abuse policies. He had a right to defend himself. He had a right to attack WT because they destroyed his family relations. For every act of disfellowshipping of those who are not happy with the WT's damaging policies, WT most often succeeds in killing the messenger.

    We can't let them win, so we shouldn't let WT shut us down from speaking our piece. If JWs won't listen to any factual criticism, we should inform the community of the facts which might cause prospective converts to not listen to JWs when they show up at their doors.

    It seems to me that WT is doing the attacking. Note in practically every issue of the Watchtower magazine they most emphatically warn JWs not to listen to anybody who states a negative fact about the organization. They have become almost psychotic about this now and have set up a climate of fear among their members. The Watchtower Society is the attacker and they have had us on the defensive for too long. It's time we went on the offensive.


  • Dune

    What if you're not Disfellowshipped or anything?

    Is anonymous activism (with an explanation that revealing one's identity could result in expulsion which in turn could result in physical and psychological hurt) as effective?

  • TopHat
    It seems to me that WT is doing the attacking. Note in practically every issue of the Watchtower magazine they most emphatically warn JWs not to listen to anybody who states a negative fact about the organization. They have become almost psychotic about this now and have set up a climate of fear among their members. The Watchtower Society is the attacker and they have had us on the defensive for too long. It's time we went on the offensive.

    I agree with every word you said Barbara...The Watchtower is the attacker...I been telling my JW friends and my son who is a JW the same thing. This the answer I got last night from my son.

    the biggest problem Satan and his human pawns have
    when they try to attack the only organization
    zealously preaching God's Word throughout the world is
    that with all the money he and his minions claim
    Christ's flock has, still the fact remains that


    no member of Christ's flock is getting rich off the
    flock, buying mansions and fancy cars and
    air-conditioned houses for their dogs

    The best thing Satan and his human followers who are
    trying so desperately to stop the worldwide preaching
    of the Kingdom can come up with is...

    the elders get first class seats to conventions

    how weak Satan!

    I dont think there are very many in the flock who
    would have a problem with the elders getting first
    class flights to conventions

    tell Satan I will be deleting all future emails

    I don't why he is babbling about A/C dog houses and first class seats..that was not part of our conversation. Mainly it was about the Pedophiles in the org. and child abuse.

  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    I am of the feeling that nothing changes in this country without a strong voice in opposition to a wrong. Not that I am a bible thumper anymore but it does say that if you keep annoying even an unrighteous judge you will get justice.

    If someone wants to call it attacking the Org. then I say you bet. I will always stand up for whats right and be against child molester protectors, killers through a poorly researched biblical no-Blood policy, and pschcopathic religious cults.

    I once was sitting in the Kingdom Hall when the Watchtower lesson was on blood guilt. If one was to kill a crook when he was commiting a crime would Jehovah still receive you into the kingdom ? So I imagined myself walking down a dark street and a women being raped in a side ally at knife point with no else around to help, what would I do? I decided after day-dreaming on it for the rest of the study. I would hit that rapist as hard as I could and if it killed him good, to hell with their god blood-guilt bullshit! God can resurrect him back anyways why not me!

    I could not see feeling good about myself nor could I look in the mirror and know that I had walked away from that victim. That is how I knew what to do and I would hope that I would be able to do just that if faced with it in the future.

    Attack? Yes if someone is being hurt. Can,t do otherwize.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Most newspapers require that a name go with a letter. In our town they also would like to have an e-mail address. If you go directly to the editor or his assistant (in bigger communities) with your letter and explain why your name cannot be made public, most newspapers will state next to the letter that the name has been withheld by request. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so try it and see what happens.
    Your son sounds almost as unreasonable as mine does. It's hard to imagine how our intelligent adult sons can become so illogical when it comes to defending this religion. This is why I say if we can't get anywhere by reasoning with our JW family and friends we need to go straight to the public with the critical information that they need to combat JWs' lies. If we can prevent somebody from converting to the WT religion we will save them needless suffering from dashed hopes, and, if in the future they will need a blood transfusion, maybe we can save a life.

    And Amen! to Mr. Rocky's statements.


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