Attn: XJW Community--Let's not just complain about WT-Let's be ACTIVISTS!!

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    Next month I write the Eighth Open Letter to the Watchtower.
    Next week I know what I write in it.

    Below the Seventh Open Letter I write this year.

    GLADIATOR (The Netherlands)

    Ps. Brothers translate my letters in englisch.

    I like write in Dutch

  • IP_SEC

    Im in, I've been thinking of this for a long time now.

    We tell apologists on this board all the time: "There is no ExJW movement." There isnt but there needs to be.


  • wednesday

    Danny, I already have my google alerts set for jehovah's witness, do I need to separate one for Jehovah? I don't understand how you got that page. I just get individual alerts.


  • DannyHaszard
  • Check_Your_Premises

    Well I think it is a great idea to write to your local paper. I think the best time is during the convention season. Our local paper did a write up that was mostly glowing, extolling the family values and such. I get google alerts from all over that have many identically misleading writeups.

    All the local dubs just couldn't wait to read about how wonderful they are in the paper. Some had their's laminated!

    There really was no counter balance to that. I could write a letter to the editor to counterreact that, but I think it would be more effective to have some sort of press release during the convention season.

    Of course write a letter to the editor if you HAVE A STORY TO TELL. I think it is also good to put in somehting about how the JW don't allow people to read things critical of the society. That big brother sort of thing always offends the sensibilities of a journalist.


  • dedpoet

    I like the idea of attacking the wts through the local media. Most people around here have a somewhat benevolent attitude towards the jws that visit them. They see them as nice, sincere people who aren't capable of harming a fly. I think a letter outlining some of their more unsavoury policies, such as their attitude to paedophiles within their ranks would open a few eyes, and they would get a less than friendly reception from those who tolerate them now. Count me in


  • carla

    Letter writing is always a good idea. If for some reason people feel uncomfortable with that there are other ways to get the anti jw message out there. I myself have delivered about 400 flyers to homes and in different places in businesses. I always include the trifold from Silentlambs and often a 'What JW's won't tell you at the door' (or other) from Macgregor Ministries. Bathrooms, waiting room tables and a new place- in the Christmas decoration area in KMart, Walmart etc... I was once out in a bar and left one on the sink, went back in and someone had thrown it out, I pullled it out and put it back, happened again! So again I pullled it out. hahaha the jw must thought some crazy apostate is here! And yes, I do this when out with jw husband, no, he has no idea. The way I usually fold them is so the word PEDOPHILE is dominant and sticking out the top is Jehovahs Witness Don't tell you. Otherwise a quick half hour in a car can deliver at least 75 to paperboxes. This isn't some huge time commitment here. A little here and a little there is about it.

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