To Rebel or not to Rebel? that is the question!

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  • RichieRich

    I understand the whole rebellion thing all too well.

    Deviance is a temporary safety valve to let off steam. If you don't let any off, you'll explode. But let off too much, and you'll have no power to keep running.

    Jgnat once thought deep thoughts about Overt Rebellion. This is my specialty, as its an inner rebellion. Straighten things out inside of yourself before you go off to set the world straight.

    I'm glad I was told that, because it is rings true for me. Going out and piercing something, or getting a tattoo, won't release any pain or anguish. It just puts up another front. And you can't live life running from one facade and jumping behind another. It won't last long.

    "You can make me sit down, but I'm standing inside."

    See you when you get here!


  • confused_101

    Yeah it hurt like a sonofabitch! It takes forver to heal, at least mine did. I have had it for 9mths and it still itsn't all the way healed. It still gets infected and I put in a nose bone (stud on the outside and a lil bump on the inside) well the hole has closed up around the bar and I can't get it out. DAMN! and of course the lil jewel fell out and so I have an ugly piece of metal in my If you do get it done stick with nose screws, they are a pain in the arse because they move around and it always looks like you have a giant booger trying to escape, but that way the hole doesn't close up any. The piercing itself isn't all that bad, makes your eyes water, it's afterwards when you scratch your nose and get your finger caught on the stud and you rip it part way out...been there, done that. OUCH! Be sure to clean it as you are told to...good luck and enjoy!

  • Mysterious

    There is always a bit more oranized rebellion to. You don't have to neglect all your responsibilities to your family. Personally I found a lot of fullfillment through music and the freedom to listen to anything I wanted. The metal genre has been very cleansing for getting emotions out like that as well. And there are also movies, books, other kinds of "forbidden" entertainment without altering your life in unavoidable ways. I don't feel that exposing yourselves to alternate concepts and ideas such as philosophy are harmful but they are certainly a rebellion on the way you were raised.

  • wanderlustguy

    I went way to the other end of the seesaw, one end being what we were as dubs. Did all the bad stuff I will ever want to do, and regret a lot of it, but am mostly as peace with it now. The regret comes from hurting people who didn't deserve it, it's easy to lose your character, especially if you get too far into drugs and alcohol, they change reality. I lost myself, take that back, I lost sight of what I wanted to be and wrecked some major aspects of my life and other people's.

    I would suggest being careful and listening to yourself, if you hesitate or think for a second that doing som ething in particular is a mistake...wait until the thought changes, if it doesn't then skip that particular thing. It has been said here before that leaving the org is like walking on a seesaw, you run uphill, because it is hard to leave, towards the middle, hoping to stay there, but if you aren't careful it is possible to run over the middle, down the other side and lose yourself. And sometimes people go to the other end as far as they can, in the end seemingly to determine where "normal" for them is. Just because now you CAN do something doesn't neccessarily mean you should.

    But...the world is incredible and there is so much more you can enjoy now, get out and see/do it!

    Believe me whan I say the last thing you want to do it look in the mirror and hate yourself, self respect is the best kind.


  • freedomlover

    Richie Rich - sure you can come be my third child! the question is can you put up with two little yacking girls all day long?!

    confused - thanks for the insight.....I'm still gonna get one, but I like to know what to expect..

    Wanderlust - dude- you're still awesome in my opinion. thanks for your thoughts. like I told you, you have a great way of writing.

  • Aude_Sapere


    I've been wondering what actions you've taken and planned.

    Some of us love a good rebel story...!!


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