To Rebel or not to Rebel? that is the question!

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  • tetrapod.sapien
    ....I suppose some people here would be horrified that I can see eye to eye with you! ha!

    LOL, ya i bet, he he...

    but ya, what narkissos said is bang on the money. i love how he twists the scriptures too. and...

    Rebellion starts when you actually don't know what you are up to,

    holy crap, that is so true... rebel without a cause, right? my quote de jour, for sure...

    i mean it's impossible to escape the fact that we rebel now, precisely because we are ex-witnoids. that can't be helped. you can't change your past. but if you are going to end up as a devil's reject :), then do it for no other reason than that it feels good, and you would have been a devil's reject anyways. and if you're a devil's child, then do it because you are an ex-wit, you'll still have a damn good time, and probably lead a fulfilling life. either way, you know you'll never be the same again now that you're out, so don't bother thinking about it much. have a little funeral and wake for the xian girl in you, and then just get on with laughing and dancing and throwing some stones...

    a time to weep, and a time to laugh;

    a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    a time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones together;

    "but i would not feel so all alone... everybody must get stoned!"

    HA HA! sick! i love it!

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    Where did you get that picture of me and Freedomlover?


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    WTF!? LOL! tetrapod??? are you high right now!!?? or am I just too drunk because that last post made very little sense to me. I'm going to bed now. good night all.....

    LMAO.......what a great pic...........

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    Is that your Dad?

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    LOL!! ha ha! ..... ya, i'm high, whatever......

    that guy actually looks a lot like my dad...... wow. heh...

    okay, i'm off to work now... ;)



    REBELLION, against what and for what reason? We could show the JW'S how smart we are and start smoking, become a drunk, drug addict, get a STD, or use good sense and rebell against JW tyranny. I've had a lot of friends rebell against the society and earmark that with an unreasonable, self-indulgent, almost crazy courses of action. What rebellion means for me is the choice of a better, more meaningful life. For 49 years of my life I was a slave to the JW's and if you don't believe me, read my profile. What about our path can we look back on and say I did this or that and I have no regrets. Leaving the JW's as a course of rebellion is a path I can look back on with no regrets. Learning Martial arts and getting my black belt at 53 years old, no regrets. Helping over 20 persons feel good about leaving the JW religion, no regrets. Learning not to be judgemental of anyone over sexual preference, religion, or the lack there-of is a course of rebellion against the norm that I'm proud of. So if we are to be rebels, let us be rebels that can look in the mirror and like the person who's looking back.

  • confused_101

    I too wanted to rebel, to enjoy all the things that I wasn't allowed to do. I couldn't wear make-up until I was 15, couldn't talk to any one that wasn't a JW (seriously, even if it was for a group project in school), wasn’t allowed to ever actually speak my mind...blah blah blah. My first rebellious act was a tattoo, but there are many active JW that have them, then I got my tongue pierced and recently I got my nose pierced (hurt like hell!!) I now wear shirts that show off my cleavage (never did that before, it was a big no no) I was at a club every weekend for about 4 mths, I would get drunk and my ass off. I never felt freer. I met my husband at a club, well actually through my ex-husbands sister…lol, she brought him with her and I wound up going home with him…ahhhhh good times, good times!

    I say do something that you have always wanted to do but you were too afraid of what everyone would think or say, and enjoy it. Don’t let any negative thoughts bring you down.

    Have Fun!

  • Jez

    Oh boy, was I pent up. I was a wild child, then I married an abusive pig at age 17. By the time I was 31, I had 2 kids, but I was done with him. After he was arrested, out of the house, eventually convicted, this is what I did:

    I farmed my kids out to my sister in laws for 3 weeks, I took a leave from work and I flew to England to be with someone I had met years before, but lost contact with, but had contacted again. I spent 3 weeks partying, having sex, falling in love, playing, sightseeing, pub crawling, you name was the best 3 weeks of my life.

    If that is all it was, I would have had NOT ONE regret, but it was much more. He is my husband now, of 4 years.

    Every so often, I still feel this wild craziness about me that must be released. We went to England this past summer and I hung out with my husband and his brothers, (kids were with us, but sleeping at his mum and dads). We PARTIED!!

    At home, I go out with him and get crazy, I go out with my sisters sometimes, and get crazy. I go bar hopping with my friends once in a while, I get drunk about once a month. I just act like a teenager sometimes, because I just can't control myself.

    I am a mother, a wife, but I am still ME.


  • These3Words

    Hello freedomlover,

    Iv'e reviewed the scriptures concerning your "rebelious" ways and I can't seem to see the part were you arn't suposed to rebel against organized religion? Now if you are rebeling against God that one thing, and by reading your post I don't think that is what you are doing? I'm going to consider you a free thinker and there is nothing wrong with that in my book, in fact you can call me one as well.


  • freedomlover

    confused 101 -

    recently I got my nose pierced (hurt like hell!!)

    does it really?? I want mine done soon. I grew up near a community of Hindu women and they all had nose piercings and I always loved them.....any advice for me??

    Jez - I love you. you're my idol! good for you and your crazy ways! now let's go party sometime and leave the kids home with there dads......

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