Movies that make me cry

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  • Mulan

    I am not an easy crier. I decided it's because Mom never let me cry when I was a child, so I learned how to suppress those emotions.

    But...........there are movies that do it to me. Dr. Zhivago is one I recall for sure. Just the despair of that time and the people's lives got to me. I can't watch it.

    Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, got me bawling because I was having a hard time with my mother, and it was all too familiar. The Notebook (I have very elderly parents, and my father has dementia)

    There are more, but I just can't think of any right now.

  • Jamelle

    So many of these had made me tear up but I'll name the ones that have affected me the most:

    Steel Magnolias (from the time they pull the plug to the end I'm crying, I love it when they start to laugh again, as Truvy says "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!")

    City of Angels (The song "In The Arms of the Angel" is enough to get me to cry!)

    Beyond Borders (From the moment I saw that starved child by the roadside in the desert I burst into tears - I was totally shocked!)

    Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (The theme of trouble between mother and daughter hit home for me too.)

    Last of the Mohicans (The ending where the Indian brother is killed and the English girl who loved him jumps to her death without speaking a word - it's all in her face - gets me every time.)

  • Crumpet


    I am Sam made me tear up.

    That is one of my favourite films. if you ever fancy hanging out i'll watch it with you. soundtrack is fantastic.

    Has anyone seen The Mission - that does it for me every time. i get so emotional i end up in hysterics.

    i watched a made for tv film about the Omagh bombing in the bath a while back and the bath was more salt than water by the time i'd finished.

  • pratt1

    Crumpet, I agree with you about the Mission.

    Also the film Unbreakable - the scene where Bruce Willis finally admits that he does have super powers to his son. Once the kid starts to cry, I choke.

  • Gill

    I've started already. I can't watch 'My girl'.

    It's the bit where the little boy and girl fall out over something silly and don't speak to eachother for a week. Then the little girl's father comes to talk to her and tells her that her best friend, the little boy, has died. He was stung to death by a swarm of bees.

    I learnt NEVER to let an argument fester with someone I love.

    However......I cant even think of the loss of this little girl, especially when she sees her best friend in the open casket....Oh my God! I'm already sobbing my heart out. How old is that film? Still breaks my heart.

  • Crumpet

    pratt1 - movie soulmate! - i've spent ages trying to find someone who knows that film which is puzzling given it has the best ennio morricone film score of all time and a great cast - Jeremy Irons (yum yum) as a priest (double yum) and Di Nero. And the story - its injustice against the minority in movies that always makes me cry. I don;t just let tears trickle down my cheeks I get on down with the crying.

    I saw Crash the other day - not the Cronenburg which I liked very much but aroused a differen kind of moisture - the new one by Paul Haggis. Its very moving - not necessarily burst into tears but there is this moment between Matt Dillon and Thandie Newton that is very powerful and touching. If big budget movies could go this way - if the producers could start making main stream movies like we aren;t all 12 or lacking in education then the movie industry might do a lot better.

    Oops I'm ranting again - I seem to have opinions on everything today., What can I say it has been an emotional day for me!

  • arrowstar

    Good lord, it would be easier to list movies that don't make me cry. Hell, I'm tearin' up just reading the titles of some of these films.

    What Dreams May Come - blubberin' idiot here (raising hand high)

    Steel Magnolias - dayum the things we woman do/say/go through.

    Extreme Makeover the Home Edition - oh yeah, my weekly tears down the face moment

    gawd, I'm just a ninny

  • doogie

    Club Dread.

    (god, that movie was terrible.)

  • Crumpet

    oh arrowstar when i saw someone mention extreme makeover other edition that i haven't watched i wondered if i should mention my secret tear jerker

    Extreme Makeover the Home Edition - oh yeah, my weekly tears down the face moment

    when i first broke my leg in august they had this on every lunch time at 12 and i got addicted - i even watched the re reruns at the weekend - i would just get so weepy. we havent had any new ones on over here lately. And it was not just Ty's physique that made me cry. I am not that shallow!

  • arrowstar


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