Movies that make me cry

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Sophie's Choice

    Watership Down (I was 10 ok??)

    A family favorite.

    Mr. Holland's Opus, when they realize Cole is deaf and then when Mr. Holland teaches his class about Beethoven, going deaf and is asked how he could compose while he was deaf. Mr. Holland answers, "That because Beethoven wasn't born deaf." Meanwhile, Beethoven's 7th plays in the background.

  • prophecor
    prophecor: where in Gladiator do you shed the tears?

    At the very end where good eventually conquers evil, and Russell Crowe is killed in conjunction with killing Jaquin Pheonix. The imagery that's depicted at the end, as well as the music makes for a most emotionally charged set of moments. I get way too involved when watching certain movies, it's almost like getting inside of it. Don't talk to me when I'm watching !!! SHUT UP!!! I'm trying to watch the movie!!!

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Braveheart-When William Wallace is being eviscerated in front of the crowd, and the mood changes from glee to sorrow, every one whispering "Mercy!Mercy!" and then Wallace see's his beloved Murran beckoning him home to her. I'm getting teared up just thinking about it now! Great music by James Horner, much better than Titanic.

    ET-The docs are trying to revive him, using the electric paddles, his body jumps, and little Gertie jumps in fright and pain as it happens. Whatever happened to that actress?

    Somewhere in Time (I was depressed for weeks by that ending.)

    Field of Dreams-"Dad? Do you want to play catch?" as the camera zooms back to see the MILES of cars converging toward the field.

    Dances With Wolves-"I am Wind-In-His-Hair! Can you not see that I am your friend?! Can you not see that I will always be your friend?!" The best John Barry score ever!

    Lord of the Rings-a)Gandalf falls.(Even though I knew he'd be back, the way that scene was handled was SO GOOD!) b)Theoden is restored to sanity ("I know that face!") c)The last 30 minutes of "The Return of the King" is so joyous and sad that I always choke up watching it.(Also helped by a great score by Howard Shore)

    Plague Dogs - This is an animated film?! If you ever had a pet, and you watch this movie, don't say I didn't warn you! You will be so bummed out by the end.

    I think so many good scenes are helped when they are scored well, it adds a lot of dimension to the scenes. I'm sure Terry, the resident movie musicologist, would agree.

  • gringojj

    Not the movie but the audio cd opera "The Phantom of the Opera".


  • serendipity

    Big Fish-cried like a baby

    Bridges of Madison County

    Forest Gump

  • bonnzo

    E.T., Return of the King, Hoosiers, Walk The Line(when johnny proposes on stage, made me cry this past weekend). I also cry on almost every Without A Trace episode.

  • doodle-v

    I just saw the movie "Rent"

    I cryed like a baby

    Great movie though, wish I had seen the live show.


  • gwyneth
    Dances With Wolves-"I am Wind-In-His-Hair! Can you not see that I am your friend?! Can you not see that I will always be your friend?!" The best John Barry score ever!

    OMG! I had forgotten about that, but I totally cry at that scene.

    Movies that have reduced me to a blubbering mess:

    The Whole Wide World (this was 10 kleenex for me, for some reason)

    Untamed Heart (totally cheesy movie that gets me every time)

    With Honors

    Man in the Moon

    (people all died in these, no happy tears involved)

    Sometimes songs trigger the cry--that Peter Gabriel song about being married in Shall We Dance, and the song at the end of Pieces of April where the still shots are being shown, put me over the edge.

  • CountryGuy

    Basically, any emotional outpouring will get me crying, as Truvy said in Steel Magnolias (yup, cried in that one), "I have a strict policy that no one cries alone in my presence."

    But, movies (and tv shows) that have not only gotten tear, but a full-fledged body moving sob are:

    The Cure: Story about two little boys in Minnesota. One has AIDS and they read about a doctor in New Orleans who has "found a cure" for the disease, so they start down the Mississippi River to find him.

    Finding Neverland: When they are doing the play at home for Kate Winslet's character and they ask who believes in fairies. Then, the stick-up-her-booty grandmother starts clapping... I lose it!

    Extreme Makeover: Exactly, whenever there is a kid with a special need. And/or when they give out a scholarship. The one that got to me the most was the deaf parents who had a son with no diabilities (he got the scholarship) and a son who was autistic. Pretty much if Pauly is crying, so am I.

    Touched by an Angel: OMG, the one where Wynonna Judd played Audry. Her son way dying and he made a list of things he wanted to do before he died. The angels came to help him complete the list. The last thing on the list was "Help Mom finish the song." Which was a song she had started when he was born, but stopped writing when she found out he was sick. Needless to say, she finishes the song and Andrew takes the little boy to heaven as she is singing it to him.... Damn, I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it.

    I think that a good cry is very cleansing and good for you.


  • bennyk

    Field of Dreams: "Is this Heaven?" "No... it's Iowa." (I'm not certain just why.)

    Das Boot: the Boat is the star of the movie; 'mir gehen die Augen ueber' when she breaks surface again off Morocco. (Note: the music helps it right along, and anyway, it is an emotional release after having been on the sea-bottom so long.) The final scene is pretty rough, too.

    Casablanca: (NOT the final scene.) Where the German soldiers are humiliating the Frenchmen by singing "die Wacht am Rhein" and the French sing their national anthem. Absolutely stunning!

    I would never watch "Black Beauty" with my children. Germans try not to allow their children to see them cry. (We're actually a very emotional people.)

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