Why Iraq Is So Desperately Important

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  • metatron

    The subject of politics often comes up on this board, inevitably. Whatever our opinions on the subject are, most of us share a common

    struggle against the demands of religion(s) that seek to dominate and ruin your life, whether the "truth" or something else.

    Sad to say, everytime the human race seems to be generally ready to shake off the shackles of controlling religious bigots, something

    happens to give various "theocrats" a new grip on people's lives.

    What makes this recent problem with religious terrorism so dangerous is it's timing: I have unalterable faith that the world is on the

    cliff's edge of enormous discoveries. Soon, it is likely that science will finally gain control over the secrets of life, permitting extended

    lifespans, regrown limbs and organs , as well as discoveries in the field of energy and physics. The very last thing the world needs

    now is a jihadist suicide cult running loose with emerging technology! The United States once confronted such a suicide cult

    in the form of the Imperial Japanese - and if they had been able to develop advanced technology quickly enough - even jet aircraft! -

    the world would be an awful place. As it is, the suicide cult was ended , in large measure, by the shock of two atomic bombs

    leveling two major cities - and the Emperor then denying his God-hood.

    The problem with the war in Iraq is that everyone acts like it was about Iraq! or just oil! - and it isn't!

    The real problem is that we have only a limited opportunity to force/cajole/beat/encourage Islamic nations into becoming

    civilized and joining us in the 21st century! The clock is ticking - while technology races along, giving the human race new ways

    to improve - or destroy - the world.

    The tragedy is, that, Islamic countries are so skilled in avoiding progress and cultural isolation. Can you imagine a religious leader

    in Europe openly advising adherents on the need to beat wives?!! ( It happened in Britain)

    I am forced to say that most people in the West have not grasped the full import of what happened at 9/11!

    All of a sudden, our best notions about human behavior were shattered! What horrified me was the news that

    the suicide bombers went to college, strip clubs, and drank booze - but still managed to cheerily kill themselves

    and others in religious suicide. Nothing "civilized" them. Did "cricket" "civilize" the bombers in Britain?

    Take a good look at the recent video from the suicide bombers in Jordan, smiling and waving to the camera

    while on their way to end their lives. This threatens the world. While only a relative few in Islamic countries are involved in such

    behavior, the fact is that many sympathize with it - or do nothing to stop it, at least until recently.

    Atlantic magazine nailed the reason why this suicide cult has emerged. They interviewed young Muslim men in western nations

    and found that many of them "felt like nothing" in their new nations. It's simple: your head is pumped full of egocentric fantasies

    about how you are the favored of Allah - and then suffer the contrast of misery in most of the Islamic world compared with the relentless

    progress of the West. The habit of religious fantasy then extends to nonsense about "72 virgins" and Jews being "monkeys"

    who are always behind every slight to your culture.

    Could ordinary "white people" or Europeans get involved in these suicide- murder cults? How infectious is this jihadist

    spirit of suicide and murder?

    see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4488642.stm

    Another question: How many people in western society are oriented towards suicide and murder? Consider the recent phenomena

    of "ghost drivers" on the German Autobahn. It is now believed that some people are deliberately racing on car lanes in the

    wrong direction, just for the sport of killing themselves and others.



    Could these be recruited?

    Could the aggressive spirit of Islam gradually take over Europe? Are Islamists demanding a separate code of law in these






    Take a good look at the recent trouble in France - and note French editorial comments about how the simple presence

    of police "provokes" violence. At what point does a country subdivide into separate cultures with separate laws - and barriers

    to outsiders because they fear "provocation"? How does this differ from the appeasement of Hitler - that started WW2?



    Not everything is pessimistic about these trends - most of the French rioting was not religious in character and much of the fear

    about Muslim birth rates in Europe may be exaggerated. In addition, efforts to spread democracy may bear fruit - or at least distract

    Islamic nations in civil wars, so as to remove them from participation in the world scene. Some Muslims are now speaking out

    against the image of murder and violence - nevertheless we don't have the luxury of waiting centuries for these nations to

    get "secular", as Christian nations have.

    the clock is ticking. The world can't wait and peace will not prevail by itself. The West will lead humanity into continued progress

    apart from the age-long promises of religious palatives ("Armageddon is coming soon", for example). I can only hope that millions

    of people in Islamic countries can join in the benefits but if not, you won't want to think about what happens next, regardless

    of Bush/Democrats/EU leaders/ etc. History will not wait............


  • Golf

    Metatron, the USA is a 'Republic' not a democracy. Repeat the words of those who salute the flag.


  • metatron

    Our "democracy" is thru the representation of a republic.

    .... but my central thesis remains. The clock is ticking.......


  • sf

    Mornin' gentlemen,

    I've oftened wonder how pledging allegiance to a country, such as all children are taught almost as soon as they can talk, equates to truly [human-being] free?

    What is the abundant importance of having to recite it each day and just what is the unsuspecting child pledging...to do for the USA [human-doing]?


  • Satanus

    Funny thing is that iraq had a secular govt. It was/is a pluralistic society. It is true that saddam paid families in palestine that lost a member to suicide bombing. But, i think that was a political act on the part of saddam, not religious. Saddam was not at all connected to the wtc attack. Considering my beginning statement, it may well be that bush's attack on iraq, has been largely responsible for militant islam's rise. Militant islam's growth is a reaction to what it sees as very real threats: american media, the bush war, bush jingoism, israel's genocide on palestinians, usery behind capitailsm.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I think 9/11 was shocking for a lot of people and it brought a lot of attention to the Muslim community - to people like me...Oprah watching minivan driving soccer mom's.

    When Muslim extremists come here to the USA and go into an grade school and do what they did to the school in Beslan, Russia it will be over.

    I feel the minute all the Mothers in the USA get off their starbucks drinking, minivan/suv driving, play group organizing butts....this world will be a better place.

    It's great that we are here taking care of our kids...but we can't hide our heads in the sand that the world is a dangerous place and getting more dangerous by the minute.

    I feel its up to the women...because when Momma aint happy....nobody is happy.

    Just my humble opinion.


  • Satanus

    On the other hand, in the hegelian tradition of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, it may be a good thing. The two most militant world groups are going at each others' throats. Who knows? Perhaps there will end up a sort of neutralising of each other, a kind of synthesis.


  • Golf

    International Bankers, metatron. Senior Bush spok many times about the 'new world order, one world government.' And who's behind the one world government? Those who control the purse strings.


  • skyman

    Saddam HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH (911) so why be there?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Also fact Isreal know before hand of 911 that is why the Isreali citzens where acroos the river sitting in lawn chairs waiting for the planes to hit and then stood up and cheered when it happened. SO WHY NOT INVADE Isreal???????????????????????????????

  • skyman

    I get mad when I hear stupidity on this level. Bush lied to us and the WORLD now it is hitting him in the ass. I hope he gets impeached then taken out and hung as a traitor. Then we need to elect someone to clean up the mess Bush created. Yes, this will mean going after the NEW TERRORIST THAT Bush created. There is more people ready to kill themselves now than five years ago. We can thank Bush for this. The world was tolorant of the U.S. going after Afganistan where the Terrorist were hiding. But not Iraq.

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