Why Iraq Is So Desperately Important

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    In determining how we are going to stop Suicidal Jihadist Cults, one must first find out Why they are even around.
    Do you think that people wake up one day and feel the need to blow themselves up in a crowded areas? Do you really think people do this because they are just inherently Evil?

    What do you think happens to those children who's parents are accidently killed? Think there are welfare programs in Iraq to take care of these children? Think that society excepts them with open arms and cares for them? No, these are the people who are becoming the militants and suicide bombers. Over 20,000 (documented) civilians have died violently in Iraq since the start of the war. Even if i were to say only 1,000 were men who had children, how many of those children do you think are growing up to hate the western world?

    I think that the worse thing about America is our almost inherent need to police other countries and to introduce western ideals with the hopes of starting political change. Sometimes i'll watch those Dateline's and 20/20's and they have segments about how the women are treated in middle eastern cultures. Then the americans lobby to grant these women rights. While in itself, it is noble, you have understand the bigger picture and realize that when we do this, we are challenging the sovereingty of a people and with that, making them very irritated.

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    Also fact Isreal know before hand of 911 that is why the Isreali citzens where acroos the river sitting in lawn chairs waiting for the planes to hit and then stood up and cheered when it happened. SO WHY NOT INVADE Isreal???????????????????????????????

    You do know that rumor simply isn't true don't you?

    Details on this rumor are available from the US State Department at http://usinfo.state.gov/media/Archive/2005/Jan/14-260933.html outlining Jews who died in the event, and details regarding the Taliban's clear admission of the event. See also Snopes (the Urban Legends Reference Pages) at http://www.snopes.com/rumors/israel.htm.

    Of course the hardcore conspiracy theorists will refuse to listen to reason, but I don't mind leaving them to their mire.

    It is people who believe this kind of trash who contribue in their own small way to the problems going on in the world.

  • heathen

    I think the point is more about these people wanting to impose their moral code on the world . They really want to be viewed as some sort of messiah to the world . I was listening to some of what dick chenney said last night and buddy these people are really into self aggrandizement . They aren't shy about taking the stance of the, world will just fall apart if we don't blow it apart . My God he even sounded like they were defending every "legitimate" government in the world .I had to ask myself , exactly how many democracies are in africa , europe and asia ? Not many . What a convoluted load of tripe .

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