My Accomplishments As A JW Of Which I'm Proud

by Nate Merit 64 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    I can only think of two:

    I never even came close to making a convert.

    I never donated a dime to the WTBTS.

    When I was involved, I was involved. (When I wasn't involved I was busy partying) I even becamse a pioneer for a few months. I held Bible studies too. Yet, to my everlasting credit, I made no converts. Not even close.

    I bought my literature of course, and was reimbursed for most of it by placement (this was back when a specific fee was still charged for each piece of lit), but I never donated a single cent. Nothing. My reasoning was that I was giving oodles of my time, and I was buying lit, and that was enough. I figured if God was really behind the whole thing, God certainly didn't need my money.


  • Mastodon

    HEHE... Nate you stole my list. There's no way you can make a convert if the two bible studies you have are fake. And I never ever gave a cent to those scumbags in Crooklyn...

  • Sunspot
    I never even came close to making a convert.

    Sigh.......unfortunately the only successful converts I recruited were my own children which I am not particulary proud of.

    I donated plenty the years from studying to actually being baptized and "ate" most of the placements I made too.

    I also consider all the years of purchasing bookbags for myself and for the six kids I raised, stocking them with things needed to be appropriately "equipped for delivering the news aright", and for the many years of mandatory publications for us all to "study" at the meetings.

    Being from the northeastern US, we had to have ample warm dress clothing for field service, over and above the general clothing needed for school and for play. This too, applied to meeting clothes ( suits and ties for the boys and various dresses-skirts-blouses ) that would not have been necessary had we not been going to these meetings, and having to replace "dress-shoes" often for these six growing kiddies who needed them only for WTS-related occasions!

    I can't even imagine how much that I have wasted on the donations to the many boxes over this time period, the clothing I "had" to purchase just for meetings and assemblies, the gas money I tossed into the pot for FS and when I was picked up for meetings, the money I spent in my pledges to the KH for rebuilding on one hall and the building of another.....along with all the stuff I can't remember right now.....

    I'm not particulary proud of any of this at all.


  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Good for you Mastondon! Ilove the fake Bible studies. Very cool you never gave them dime one.

    I never thought of having fake Bible studies, though I did keep any money people gave me to pay for subscriptions. My reasoning: These people don't really want a subscription, they just want me to go away. I'll keep the money and never go back. That way, they get what they really want and I have lunch money!"

    Isn't the human brain a wonderful thing?


  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hi Sunspot Annie

    Posts such as your cause me to feel fortunate that my time as a JW was brief. Only about two and a half years out of a four year period. I feel sad that so much of your life and money were stolen from you.

    I'm glad you're out, Annie. I hope life is as good as this life can be now.


  • luna2

    Nice list, Nate. LOL

    I never made a convert either. I was awful at field service and I hated telling anybody what they should believe.

    However, I did donate money. More than I could afford sometimes. I was such a sap.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Aw Luna2, you aren't a sap. You 'sound' like a very pleasant person. I'm so pleased you never made a convert either.

    I think I didn't make converts because I loved debating. I became extremely proficient, to the point that I was one of the "heavy hitters" called upon when needed. Being young and full of myself, I was most likely extremely abrasive.


  • metatron

    Well, I didn't lose brain cells smoking dope or catch an STD. I'll give 'em that.


  • CinemaBlend

    I gotta say... I have the same list. Ha!

  • misspeaches

    pick me! pick me!

    I am the same over here!

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