My first time being shunned in public

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    I have faded for the last 4 years...not DA'd of DF'd and so I walk around with nothing to hide. I always say hello to every JW that I see and they always say the same to me. I haven't noticed any of them running so far. Of course I always believed that it was o.k. to speak to disfellowshipped ones and was in an area that others thought so too. I'd see elders and the PO's always say hello and acknowledge the person. They just didn't associate with them. That's a much more balanced view....think about the example that Jesus set. Did you ever read of him running from anyone? He even talked with Satan!!! They need to get a grip!

    Maybe you should yell that out the next time any of you get that behaviour. Just yell out loudly "Did Jesus ever run from anyone?" "What is wrong with you?" Let the embarrassment be on them!

    On the other hand, my sister-in-law, who is not DF'd, but her husband is, gets the cold shoulder. They will actually speak to me and ignore her completely...what is that??? They run from her! It really hurts her feelings as she considered some of them her friends. I tell her not to sit back and take it...go up and make them talk to her...but she just can't. (Maybe they know I won't sit back and take it!) I do know so much garbage on so many of them, maybe they feel like they are hypocritical not talking to me. Go figure!

  • KimKat

    I know how you feel. We had many lies spread about us too.

    Talk about vicious gossip!! And they claim that they are always loving - Ha

    I had fun going over and saying "hi"

    to the ones that acted that way It made me feel more in control

    Once they realize you will talk to them - they usually hide when they see you. Funny!!

    Hang in there - It gets easier in time.

  • KimKat


    Hang in there, I feel hurt when I think of my family or close friends.

    Just remember that they are so closed minded that they can't see beyond

    thier own noses. KimKat

  • xjwms

    To all of you and your fine comments...Thank you

    It just made me feel so very very odd. Once upon a time we were regular "out to lunch group, after the meetings and such"

    Its too bad things work out this way. Its them and not me...thats my attitude.

    Baveman....Thanks for the drink suggestion..Wednesday may not work...Irreverent seems to a little too much love..get it?

  • dedpoet

    You get used to it after the first few times. I let them see it isn't bothering me, or affecting my life in a negative way. Last time I met the po, he glared at me, so I looked him in the eye, and he quickly turned away. I just treat it as a joke now, rather like I treat their religion.

  • FairMind

    xjwms, you have the right attitude. There is a certain elder that years ago began treating me as if I should be df'd. My reaction would be to stick my nose in the air whenever I saw him (district conventions or when he gave a talk at my new KH). As the years have passed he has experienced hurt and great embarrassment from his own family. What goes around comes around remember that!

  • delilah
    Exjwms.....I've had that happen to me as well, and I'm first it was weird, then it pi$$ed me off, and then I got over it and laughed. THEY, are the weird ones, when you see the look of horror come across their faces, as they see you coming. It really is, I don't even recognize them at first glance. They are so small minded!! I cannot imagine Jesus acting that way......Hang in there....
  • moshe

    Jehovah's Witnesses have become strangers to me. It has been a long time since I have seen one who knows me from the old days.If I saw one who knows me, I would treat them like any stranger I might run into at Walmart. I live in a Jewish neighborhood and after 4 years they have yet to come down my street- Latter Day Saints stay away,too.



  • Carmel

    I wouldn't recognize one if he hit me with a bookbag! Been so long since I saw a dubby.. are they still around?


  • atypical

    Sorry for your experience, xjwms, I think that kind of treatment hurts - no matter how much you know they are wrong. I really think it is meant to be a bully tactic and I strongly feel that it goes against what Jesus taught. Just hold your head high.

    The best revenge is living well.

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