JDubs at the mall and other inventive ways to put in "time"

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  • anewme

    I know it is amazing how bold witnesses can be!

    They are at the malls here and the DMV.

    I never had the courage to do that.

    My husband wanted me to join him at a Muslim summer festival held at the public park!
    God he had balls! I refused so he got someone else.
    But I did drive by to see him sitting at a table with Iranian witness literature.

    They actually placed alot of literature that day!

    But I have to say....... I remember vividly being a worldly person with no Bible knowledge
    very very concerned about the world and who was God. This info was

    But now as a dfd person at the mall trying to do my Christmas shopping, it is a little uncomfortable.

  • young hearts, be free..
    young hearts, be free..

    here in sydney, there is an old brother in a wheelchair who has a stand in Town Hall station. Town hall being Sydneys 2nd biggest and busiest train stations. He is there nearly everyday... I wonder if anyone stops to talk to him... I haven't seen that guy before Blakky, perhaps he needs a loud-hailer too! There is an older lady who is at Central Station on Tuesday afternoons, used to see her everytime....before I started using Martin Place........No loitering or busking permitted in CityRail stations; obey God as ruler rather than CityRail.

  • caligirl

    I had never heard of/seen such a thing until I moved here to California. I had to do a double take when I first saw them at the airport... then the mall. Un-freakin-believable. Talk about the ultimate lazy way to get hours in! And at the airport, I bet they have to pay for the parking too!

  • Mysterious

    Naturally they have to have a big FREE sign since there is no other appeal to even glance at what they have. I used to round up my time. We'd have an hour and 45 minutes and I'd say I'd talked to someone at school for 15 minutes during my lunch hour or talked to a teacher about something.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    They're probably all sitting there hoping they're invisible. I think the kindest thing any of you can do is approach them (they probably have nothing prepared as the last thing they expect is anyone to be interested) - and you could always leave them with a little 'literature' of your own, which they can read while whiling away the hours.........

  • Mysterious

    Leaving apostate literature would be more effective it was a couple of young people that are curious..but they would likely be unsupervised. If they didnt put two people at the table I'd say it would be highly effective. But with the threat of being ratted out to the elders you have to say no right. :D

    I'd hate to catch a couple of zealous ones with a huge sales pitch all set out though, ugh. I prefer to "avoid" them like a puddle (mentioned in another thread in reference to lying and I liked it hehe.)

  • rebel8
    They are at the malls here and the DMV.

    Um...couldn't you complain to your govt. rep about the DMV's failure to observe separation of church and state?

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