JDubs at the mall and other inventive ways to put in "time"

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  • limbogirl

    Has anyone else seen the Jdubs at the shopping mall ?? They sit at a table with all of their wares displayed hoping to lure people away from Pottery Barn and Macy's. I did a double take when I saw this and then had to stand back and observe for about 20 minutes -- what I observed is that NO ONE stops at the table except what appear to be fellow Jdubs.

    I wonder if they count this as time? which then leads me to wonder if some of the other creative ways of putting in time are still being practiced? for example:

    on Halloween night there were several in my kh that would count the evening as time because they opened the door to trick or treaters and treated them to an old wt or awake.

    knew one woman who literally hand wrote hundreds of letters and then mailed them out to random people in the phone book -- she raked in the hours with that scam.

    knew someone else who drove around with wt's and awake's plastered to the car windows and counted it as time.

    I was always short on time -- if I could manage 3 hours a month it was a miracle -- I usually padded the report to at least 5 hours to ensure that I didn't get the "lecture" from the elders. I wonder if the org has actuaries or statisticians who looked at the annual report of worldwide time put in preaching and then adjust it accordingly for people like me. prob'ly not as that would be far too intelligent.

  • DannyHaszard

    The Jehovah's Witnesses visit the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre once a month to meet with friends and other residents interested in finding out more about this organization.
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Do they count the time? Does a bear s*it in the woods? What a lovely pair of Stepford Wives these!

  • JeffT

    Every Saturday there's an old fellow in front of Macy's in downtown Seattle. He holds up the magazines as people walk past ignoring him. I've never seen him talk to anybody.

    In the summer I used to see a couple of older women standing next to the bus tunnel entrance. Same thing (more or less) they held up the mags while people walked by. The only difference being that they were talking nonstop to each other.

    This is the way to please God?

  • Effervescent

    Ok.. when I saw the picture I just threw up a little in my mouth..

    knew one woman who literally hand wrote hundreds of letters and then mailed them out to random people in the phone book ; -- she raked in the hours with that scam.

    You would think more people would have a reality check when they have to resort to scamming time to report on their time cards. That is the biggest exercise in futility EVER.

  • limbogirl

    probably one of the weirdest things I've seen was a couple of years ago at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. At the visitor's center there were two JW women just standing there holding up the mags as tourists were coming and going. No one paid them the slightest bit of attention -- it was sad really. Plus, Hearst Castle is in the middle of nowhere so it must have taken them a drive to get over there for their very productive witnessing. what a waste of time but I'm sure they returned to the kh with stories of how many tourists were more interested in the mags than Hearst Castle.

  • dedpoet

    In my old kh, there was a brother who used to walk to work most days, a distance of about 2 miles, and take mags and tracts with him, offerring them to anyone he passed, often the same people day after day. He always counted that as time as well.

  • blakky

    the young girls in the photos are pretty cute...

    Wouldnt mind doing some time with them.;-)

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  • Gollum

    There's some bro that stands there at the Seattle Ferry terminal holding the magazines while the commuters stroll past. I've never seen anyone who wasn't a witness talk to him. The beggers (right next to him) get far more response from people going by.
    Though I haven't seen him as much recently, used to be there everyday. He actually looks a little familer, I'm sure I'd seen him back in the day when I was still in the org.

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