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    That's exactly what I told the JW's last week when they cam for their weekly study with me.

    I believe that much of the trouble the world is in today with international conflict is due to people believing that God could somehow both be a war criminal (they justify the actions/approval using various excuses) and be good. Something does not add up here. How on earth can any moral being believe a good God could encourage and command such heinous crimes? Its beyond me.

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    Hi Netochka, Welcome to the forum!

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    lol. I've been splitting a gut laughing here about that one. my apologies. didn't mean to sound so schmucky or sarcastic. but only did that to emphasize glaring harsh annoying points that God in the Bible did not use loose chaotic disorganized things. but appointed leadership was necessary. Korah got killed by God for doubting that. so I say "how boot dat?" LOL. try to take that with a grain of salt though. being so thin-skinned and over-sensitive does not help either. but your point is taken. by the way, I have been separating what I write into paragraphs like crazy. yet I keep hearing from people that they're all bunched together. I don't know why. and I'm not using a word processor. for some reason it's not appearing as separated and divided into paragraphs on your end? but I see it as divided into paragraphs on my end. how boot dat? lol. sorry. couldn't resist that one. anyway, I appreciate that you seem nice and cool. though I disagree with your position. you seem civil. and I appreciate it. I feel bad that you're not an elder anymore. I'm sure that you're sorely missed and that you really helped people. if you can calm a junkyard dog like me, with your kind manner, I'm sure you did wonders. I hope you maybe go back some day.

    also, I have to say. you misquote me. a little. I didn't say that God ALWAYS used an organization. period. but only in pivotal points in dispensational history. check this out.

    you have to read what I write a bit more carefully. I did not say that Jehovah always used an organization. period. I said He always used an organizational type arrangement in PIVOTAL POINTS IN DISPENSATIONAL HISTORY.

    after the death of the last Apostle (and this is where Mormons go overboard) true Christianity AS AN ORGANIZED ARRANGMENT began to gradually (not overnight) get corrupted and "weed-like". the Second Century Christians, who many of them were children and rubbed shoulders with some of the Apostles, can and should be considered the true ones, like Polycarp, etc. But in the third and fourth centuries, that was IT ! true Christianity (according to careful scrutiny of Scriptural passages "wheat and weeds" and "act as a restraint" and "is at work now" and "ravenous wolves" etc) ceased to exist AS AN ORGANIZATION, by the time of Constantine, Athanasius, Eusebius, Sabellius, and so forth, Plato's god being mixed with the Biblical God, and all kinds of paganism and corruption taking hold. formalism, mass, etc. but there have always been true Christians (even if they didn't have total clear light about everything) throughout the centuries. very few people know this, but the official position of JWs is that John Huss and John Wycliffe are anointed born again true Christians. part of the Body of Christ. when I tell that to people they're shocked. JWs are not Mormons. not even close.

    but the point is that IN THE LAST DAYS, there are Scriptural (as well as common sense) indications that there would be a certain type of restoration of true pure separated Kingdom-adhering Christianity AS AN ORGANIZED AND STRUCTURED ARRANGEMENT. "knowledge and refinement being increased" and "who upon his Master's arrival will be glad doing so, dispensing meat in due season." and "you are My witnesses (PLURAL), says Jehovah, even My SERVANT (SINGULAR), that I will declare My excellencies and dominion" and so forth, and "who is that faithful and wise SERVANT", obviously a plural composite servant class. because that "servant" will be there "upon His arrival" about 2000 years later!

    ( and as far as the New World Translation issue, well it's funny and hypocritical that a big stink is made about VERY FEW PASSAGES in there, and the accusation of bias in the translation when almost every other English translation of the Bible was put together by biased Athanasian TRINITARIANS. can't the same accusation be made agains them? to be consistent? they colored certain texts to fit THEIR pre-conceptions and Nicean affections. so what? the question is what do the original Greek and original Hebrew really truly warrant. but that's another topic. also, it needs to be said, that way before the NWT Bible came out, JWs came up with the same doctrines and beliefs, using the KJV, ASV, AT, Douay, and Greek Interlinears. I can prove from a King James Bible that the Father is supreme and that there will be a New Earth, and that the 144000 are "Jews inwardly". so what. and that God used organized arrangements, not chaotic nonsense in key dispensations. anyway, thanks for the exchange. may the Lord watch over you and open your eyes and hearts and keep you. for Christ's sake. later.

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