Organized Rioting Across America Due To A Black Man’s Death

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  • minimus

    Cities across America have been pillaged and destroyed these last few days. A white policeman has been charged with murder of a black man.

    Protests have been organized across major US cities and horrible riots have occurred.

    Do these rioters and their sympathizers actually believe that they are doing good? Why are these people looting and destroying property everywhere? Who sponsors this organized activity??

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Who sponsors this organized activity?? add to the list of questions, who printed their placards, who printed their "I can't breath shirts"?

    This was waiting to happen when the time was right, Black Lives Mater, ANTIFA - (the guys in all black) and other useful idiots for the hard left have long been funded by George Soros for the purpose of revolution or at least damage the trump presidency enough to derail the next election hopes.

    Unfortunately for the poor Black families that live in the epicenter of the strife there is no good outcome, looting and burning does not help anybody.


  • 1234

    If you go behind the scenes there seems to be more to this story than just police brutality.

  • DesirousOfChange


    If you see a BLACK MAN KILLED BY A WHITE COP -- you're seeing this all wrong. This was an INNOCENT MAN KILLED BY A BAD COP.

    It happens much too often here in the USA. Of course, it only makes news when it's black victim/white copy -- that is "news worthy" to the shit disturbing liberal media.

    Your barber/hair stylist has greater oversight and accountability than do Law Enforcement Officers in the US.

  • RubaDub

    Who sponsors this organized activity?? add to the list of questions, who printed their placards, who printed their "I can't breath shirts"?

    resolute B ....

    What has me scratching my head (and lower regions of my body) is how all of this "organized activity" seems to be in some ways hidden. I mean the President can't be in a room with a dozen people without information leaking out.

    How can there be in any possible way so many people involved in hundreds of cities in some organized events and no one seems to be "on the inside" and flooding the media with what it going on?

    North Korea could not keep that many people "quiet".

  • minimus

    Absolutely it’s organized. It typically starts off peacefully and somehow all hell breaks out

  • princecharmant

    Another day, another question from Minimus on the same subject. Tiring in the end.

  • millie210

    Minimus I love your questions!

    I read all the posts and come away with a lot to think about due to other perspectives.

    Personally I think at least a small part of this is due to people being cooped up and unable to use their fight/flight response against the virus.

    They're using it now.

  • Finkelstein

    It all seems a bit nonsensical now being that the officer(s) involved were fired and the main cop is now charged with murder.

    What if the guy who died was a white guy and the officer was a black man ?

    Floyd was physically resisting arrest which took three police officers to take him down.

    The bystanders that were close by watching the event and voicing their own opinion were causing some interference which might have caused the police to loose focus to what they were doing.

    I dont think the main cop was really trying to kill Floyd but he lost awareness how long he had his knee on Floyd's neck causing to him to loose consciousness.

    If he is charged with murder that would be an injustice to the cop, involuntary manslaughter yes.

    If Floyd's autopsy reveals he was high on drugs which facilitated his death, this is going to make even more a difference in court..

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We know only what the media considers newsworthy

    I have a FB " friend" who has gone over to bolkevich/ anarchist. He was posting such obscene and hateful things, and ideas for sabotage/ vandalism, I had to pause him. I kept him for the info. ( keep your enemies close). When this started he went dark.

    The methods are too similar to be unorchestrated. There are also the opportunists

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