July KM for USA: Get ready, here come the ex-Bethelites!

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  • Mary
    Methinks they will be sent in a "control elements" to problematic congregations, and reporting back to Brooklyn on what they find.

    I'm sure my old Hall will be getting some ex-Bethelites.....attendance is at an all-time low. Should be interesting to see how much "encouragement" these guys will be able to give. Think about it: having ex-Bethelites who have just been forced out of their homes and who are angry and bitter about it, come and join the the ranks of other angry and bitter Witnesses?? This just might be the biggest mistake that Bethel could've made.........what morons.

    BusyBee said: The WTS should be ashamed!

    That's the problem though: they're not.

  • heathen

    I thought the rule was you could only volunteer at Bethel for a six month period anyway . I was having a little difficulty understanding things they permited at bethel . Such as married couples sharing quarters and actually having sex within the building . I've heard alot about drunks down there as well . Maybe this hype about them being exemplary is just a set up .LOL

  • ocsrf

    " Some special pioneers were suckered into have been serving in the full-time ministry for decades. Over the years, these loyal men and women thought we had their best interests at heart had their faith refined under various circumstances. (1 Pet. 1:6,7) They were told that they'd be taken care of for life have been willing to sacrifice material comforts in order to serve in places of special need. Some are now advanced in years and face poor health, and we don't want to bear the cost of looking after them and are unloading them onto the unsuspecting congregations or they confront other challenging circumstances like how to live in the real world or pay their bills. (2 Cor. 4:16, 17) Yet, they "keep on thriving during gray-headedness." because what else do the poor bastards have now that we've kicked their asses to the curb? (Ps. 92:14) They put their trust in Jehovah cause God knows they can't trust the WTS to look after them and now have to ask for handouts experience his blessing. -- Ps. 34:8; Prov. 10:22.

    Mary, your comments are so true, not sure if I should laugh or what... these poor misdirected individuals are going to have a H of a time staying loyal while they make there way in the real world. This could of been me, so I am glad I took the other road in life.


  • Anitar

    So what's the deal with the ex-bethelites? Is it just because they're old and the WTS is getting rid of them, or maybe they found out some dirty secrets and they want them silenced? I don't understand...

  • DanTheMan

    Yet, they "keep on thriving during gray-headedness." because what else do the poor bastards have now that we've kicked their asses to the curb?

    LOL @ Mary!

  • mcsemike

    Maybe they are now starting to count dead publishers. After all, didn't "Rye"therford say that Russell was directing the work from heaven after he died? I think the Mormons marry or baptize dead people, so why not the WT? Nothing they ever do will surprise me again.

  • skeeter1

    They are counting all of us on this website as publishers. I get 20+ hours a month in here!


  • willyloman
    If the COs show any favoritism to these special pioneers or any ex-bethelites serving on the body of elders the local elders will become extremely jealous... (when at) a Circuit Assembly or Special Assembly Day or District Convention where these brothers begin getting all the good parts and become the department heads of all the powerful departments.

    Here in California a CO was assigned to a local congo after he had to "leave the road" because of his wife's chronic illness. He showed up about a week before the assigned CO visited the congo. The first clue the local elders got about this ex-CO's status was when they met with the Circuit Overseer for the Friday night elders' meeting and asked if they should recommend an appointment for the ex-CO and were told, "You don't need to recommend him, he was sent here by the WTS and was already an elder here when he walked in the door."

    Of course, within months he had - as the poster quoted above suggested - a highly visible role as chairman of all the assembly and conventions as well as a designated speaker for one of the parts. He is way too busy to serve on judicial comm's or give many talks in the local congo - he will always plead "busy with circuit assignments." Seems he is always driving up the freeway for talk rehearsals or to meet with WT officials about upcoming conventions and assemblies.

    He was clearly "not one of us" but I don't think there was much jealousy - in fact, most of the elders in that congo now work in "Administration" at the conventions and sit upstairs in the most holy section, enjoying the status and perks. As for making a living, one of the "prominent elders" in the circuit owned a very successful construction business and brought this ex-CO into the business as a supervisor of some sort... he drives around in a truck with a cell phone to his ear all day. It was never clear exactly what he does, but he goes from project to project and talks with people, checking job progress and filing reports. He had absolutely no construction work experience at all (nor any other skills) but he makes good money and bought a beautiful home. His wife recovered from her illness and went back on the pioneer list.

  • garybuss

    The Watch Tower Corporation provides the work . . . and Jehovah provides the retirement benefits. A fairy tale has to pay off with a fantasy.

  • jgnat

    I've said it before. This kind of reassignment is a huge readjustment for the ex-Bethelites. For these people, their entire purpose has been stripped, and they've been summarily rejected by the organization they dedicated their lives to. I'd expect a rise in depression, anger, disillusionment. It will take years for them to recover. Just look at how hard it was for Onacruse.




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