July KM for USA: Get ready, here come the ex-Bethelites!

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  • Anitar

    "Maybe they are now starting to count dead publishers. After all, didn't "Rye"therford say that Russell was directing the work from heaven after he died? I think the Mormons marry or baptize dead people, so why not the WT? Nothing they ever do will surprise me again."

    HA HA HA, that's great. Maybe the watchtower leaders will one up the mormons and all become necrophiliacs!
    It would certainly explain the smell...

  • TMS

    Special Pioneers have traditionally been sent to remote areas, possibly unassigned territory with no congregation or rural towns with a small congregation. They learned to live on meager provisions will little outside assistance.

    If Bethelites are now assigned as Special Pioneers in affluent urban areas, it will be an obvious ploy to turn the financial support over to the rank and file.

    It will also be a serious adjustment for someone working at a desk in Bethel to be back in the field. His door-to-door skills will not be that razor sharp. The local pioneers will quickly see that he is not "all that".

    It will take continuing encouragement from traveling overseers and the "mother" to make sure the congregations supports these downsized Bethelites materially.

    My advice to "reassigned" Bethelites would be to suck up big-time to rich JW's.


  • gumby

    My advice to "reassigned" Bethelites would be to suck up big-time to rich JW's.

    LMAO !

    Good advise TMS.....sucking up is one of the qualifications for being a good dub....ain't it? All wise brothers know that sucking up to elders and especially a CO gets you places......even more than a good monthly report on your publishers card.


  • ColdRedRain

    The Chicago voter scheme in the Watchtower organization. I thought I'd never see the day.

  • jgnat

    Anitar, "downsizing" is a strategy of large corporations as a quick and easy way to boost profits. Even though the economics are slightly different for the WTBTS, there is still significant cost savings by sending older bethelites home (whose productivity steadily drop, and WT obligations towards health care, etc. steadily increase).

    Smart and compassionate organizations usually have a team of support staff to help affected staff get back on their feet. As usual, the WTBTS, while imitating the corporate cost cutting style, have not followed the "world" by way of compassion.

  • TweetieBird

    The congregation that I don't go to anymore has several ex-Bethelites and ex-CO's. Even though we live in a more affluent part of the country, most of the people in this hall are older and live in mobile homes. They barely have enough to live on, let alone support any more ex's. If they start sending them to areas that are struggling financially, you will probably see less donations to the almighty WTS.

  • Uzzah

    If (note IF) this is the Society's intent it will go a long way in appeasing Bethelites that are leaving. There are many that would love to get back into the field and if they can do it as special pioneers all the better. This is especially true of Bethel couples.

    Special pioneering will allow them to them actually have privacy, an apartment wherein it isn't inspected by a Bethel Overseer. Can have more then 3 knick knacks on display and get their standard monthly stipend from bethel. They can work to supplement this stipend as long as it doesn't interfere with their monthly requirement for hours (Is it still 120 for Sp pions?) Peons and special peons... smirking.

    It is cheaper to maintain Bethelites than it is to maintain sp. pioneers. So while some "special' (read connected) Bethelites might become domestic SP. pioneers I highly doubt you will see a huge influx of them. The Society knows the North American field is dead and unproductive for their recruiting except in the immigrant population. If they spend $$ on sp pioneers it will be into the spanish territories or Central/South America.

    My 2 cents.


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