Assembly tomorrow

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  • SamIam1976

    You know something Sam,

    My parents used to be able to guilt trip me into going to the assembly with them since it is held practicly down the street from where I live they can't contain themselves not to beg me to come with them. LOL But these past couple of years I have managed to actually say..NO. And thats been that. They haven't tried guilting me again. Maybe that's what you have to do just say No.

  • tfsm

    Voice of Reason: Just don't go. No excuses, just don't do it if you don't want to.

  • Dimples



  • 95stormfront

    I think the wife is going to ASS-embly tommorrow also.

    I won't be going with her. I could barely stomache one day of the summer assembly.

  • mrsjones5
  • RubaDub

    We had our assembly day last week.

    Personally, I think the Assembly Day thing works because it's only one day and not as much repetitive stuff.

    Maybe two "Assembly Days" a year and a two-day District Convenvion will be the wave of the future (a low-carb Assembly schedule).

    Rub a Dub

  • Ellie

    Oh, poor you, still its only one day and then its over with for a while.

  • lisavegas420

    ya'll want to hear something really sad....I used to look forward to the assembly's just because it was a change from the norm.

    I hope you snatch the kids away and do something really cool and out of the norm with them.


  • Ellie

    Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe its 2 days.

  • kristyann

    I agree with the people who suggested the gastric problems excuse... generally if you say that you have been projectile vomiting, no one wants to be around you. It freaks people out a little more than just a cold.

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