Assembly tomorrow

by Sam the Man 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Cant wait. (sarcastic)

  • vitty

    You poor thing ...... I ll be thinking of you !

  • Legolas

    I heard, wink wink, that you have pink eye and you are not allowed around anybody!

  • xjwms

    My gut went into a KNOT just thinking about it.

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    LOL. Thanks guys. The pink eye excuse doesn't wash anymore! It's ok, i'll use the kids as an excuse to get out!

  • lawrence

    Take a fall, go to hospital. You'll be able to watch football, and there won't be any need to attempt a journey on Sunday. Take a fall.

  • vitty

    Tell everyone they had gastric flu

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Shall I grow some balls and snatch my kids from my wife and stay home? I'm sure they would be grateful.

  • carla

    Either grow balls or you and the kids stop for a snack somewhere and all develop 'food poisoning'. Tell the kids how you don't feel so well and you probably won't be able to make it to the assembly, then ask how they are feeling? they will get the hint and get sick too! Have a great day with the kids. If this assembly continues on till Sunday, food poisoning can last quite some time, don't ya know?

  • Crumpet

    Hey sam!

    If you can't get out of it by hook or crook why not go and take notes and then give us a report here! Baptsim numbers and who they are. And what ever it is they are pounding the crap out of this time round - apostate internet boards etc, desperate housewives etc...

    crumpet x

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