She said I seem really bitter about my JW experience....

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  • Sirona

    I was talking to someone at my new job - she has known me for about 3 months and had something like 2 five minute conversations with me about the JWs.

    She said "You do come across as really bitter about it".

    (Note she is DEFINATELY not a JW).

    It was a real eye opener, because although I try and educate people about the truth of JWs, I didn't think I was "bitter".

    What about you?


  • Legolas

    (Refer to the other thread)

    I would have said something like 'Well dam right I am bitter what if you found out your husband or wife has cheated and lied to you for years!'

  • pratt1

    So what if you are?

    It's part of the healing process.

  • Sirona

    Other thread?

    She wasn't being nasty - I was surprised that she thought I came across as bitter.



  • Legolas

    This was the thread!

    You discovered that your spouse had spent years lying to you?

    They had an affair and had been lying about it.

    How would you feel if all the time they were married to you they had a lover on the side?

    If they spent an enormous amount of time and energy in covering their tracks so that you never found out about the lover?

    That they took your money and spent it on gifts for the lover?

    How would you feel if once you found out about it they turned around and blamed you?

    Or said you were wrong and just misunderstood something even though you have pictures to prove it?

    How would you feel if in spite of all the years together and all the plans to live together forever they turned around and said you were the one to cause the trouble and tossed you out of the house?

    I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the point.

    This is how I felt when I found out about the WTS and the lies they told us. I was devastated.

    I didn't want to believe that all the love I had been told was mine turned out to be false. All the protection and support I was told was mine was all false. That all my friends and even family refused to discuss his affair and didn't believe me and stopped talking to me. That everyone really believed I was the one in the wrong.

    And because I didn't want to believe it I started out to prove it was wrong. No my husband didn't commit adultery. But the WTS did. The UN, Mexico/Malawi, altered texts, saying one thing and doing another, and so many more things.

    And all the time saying I didn't know what I saw or read.

    That is how so many of us here feel about being lied to and betrayed by the WTS.

    What about you?

    How would you feel if you discovered the WTS had really lied and been hiding it for decades?
  • Sirona

    I wouldn't have talked about it except that a guy I work with has a JW "friend" who was trying to indoctrinate him, so I chirped in and told him some home truths about the JW....

    Needless to say, no bible study was started...


  • Sirona

    Oh! That thread!

    Yes, it was very well put and something that people don't understand unless they've been through it.


  • Legolas

    Good for you!!!! It sounds like you saved a life!

  • lawrence

    "Bitter" that is a mild word. These bastards in Brooklyn are criminally insane and should be put in isolation for their lies and deeds (away from society). Does that sound bitter? I think not. Let's face facts, they have blood, innocent blood on their hands. They deserve the justice they promote and encourage. Bitter? I think not. They are only one cult, but we know this one from the inside and out. All cults should be disbanded, but for now, the WTS is my concern, specifically its closure and complete demise. Bitter? I think not.

  • Confession

    I have related the details of my disfellowshiping to only two members of my family. I explained how, in the final committee meeting, the thing that pushed the elders into a disfellowship decision was that--although I'd been a JW all of my life, even serving as an elder--I was not clear that confession to men was something Jehovah required in order to receive His forgiveness. I also shared the unusual experience of having the committee chairman phone me two weeks into my disfellowshiping to ask what my brother and father thought about 'the way I was treated.' When asking why he wondered, his reply was...

    "Well, in hindsight, I'm not so sure it was the right decision."

    After being reinstated and sharing this with my mother and sister-in-law (on separate occasions), they were both quite shocked about it--but also asked me if I was bitter and resentful. (My mother actually told my daughter I seemed bitter.)

    It's funny, because in both cases, I explained to them I was not bitter--and understood that mistakes can happen--and that differences of opinion are to be expected. I believe the truth is that they were projecting. Yes, they themselves may have felt "bitter" if they'd been in my shoes. So they did not require any evidence that I myself might have been bitter. The simple relating of the facts of this experience--apart from any attitude, bearing or negative comment from me--was enough to lead them to such a conclusion.

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