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  • ackack

    I DA'ed myself around 2 months ago. Got away from my abusive marriage. Happy to do that.

    I get a new job, one my ex doesn't know about (so she can't find me) and I'm happy. I like my workspace. I like my co-workers. I enjoy thework. Great times.

    Lo, on monday, someone NEW is starting here... someone from my old hall. So far they have pretty much ignored me, and hopefully we won't have to interact too much (but potentially we could), however, it has cast a real pall over my space here at work. I was feeling more fear around it on Monday and Tuesday. However, an insightful coworker advised me to "F$k 'em". Seems like a good plan.

    How would you deal with this? Should I go plant CoC on her chair when she goes to washroom? :)

    Ironically enough, my brother works here too, and he is a much bigger apostate then I ever was. ;) He posted on here waaay more than me (under the guise of Moxy).

    Well, have to see what happens.


  • skinnyboy

    change her IE/Firefox start page to, get a nice Screensaver, maybe with a pic of DannyHaz and his sandwich board, incessantly pull her up about her performance, whether its your business or not, have her boss make intrusive calls about her private life. Then when shes at her wits end, have her sacked for not towing the company line, because the company had "new light" regarding the Employee Handbook!

  • upside/down


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I would continue to ignore them, don't bring your private life and religious views into the workplace. I have a dub on my staff, they know I was raised a witness and I'm sure are dying to ask me what's what, but to their credit they haven't said a word and neither have I. We keep it professional and leave it at that.

  • Finally-Free
    change her IE/Firefox start page to, get a nice Screensaver, maybe with a pic of DannyHaz and his sandwich board,

    Great idea! And make sure she's using a mandatory user profile on her computer so she can't get rid of it.


  • ackack

    I think a pic of DannyHaz in his sandwich board might be enough to scare her straight! :)

    Big Dog: I understand what you're saying. I think in my case its so fresh. Funny. I did magazines with her husband (I was an ms) so I wonder how hard it will be for her to keep it professional? She will have to make eye-contact at some point for that to happen.


  • kwintestal

    hey ackack. I sent you a PM.

    If you wanted to be a bit more subtle about it, you could plant little post-it notes around her desk every couple weeks with little tid-bits of stuff just to peak her interest. For example, put on one, or "Jerusalem destroyed in 586-7 BC not 607 BC ... look into it" or something like that. If your boss gives you a hard time about it, say that you've seen her talking to others about her beliefs, and you just wanted to share yours.


  • thom

    A few years ago my business partner was df'd and we had an elder from a different hall working for us. They both kept it professional and work didn't seem to suffer at all. Surprisingly to me, the elder looked the other way at he and I taking lunch now and then and talking more than just business.
    Sadly, he's was reinstated about 6 months ago.

  • skinnyboy

    ok my serious post now.

    I would be totally professional, if she engages you in conversation, keep the dubs out of it unless she brings it up, then outside of the workplace, discuss with her any points she has. You might never know, but as mentioned above, subtle hints are the best way to wrest her from The Borg!

  • ackack

    thom: I believe there is a real double standard if you're attempting to get re-instated. If thats your intent, elders would likely be more inclined to look the other way.


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