New employee from old KH

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  • Joel Wideman
    Joel Wideman

    Be professional. Otherwise you may open up your company for a lawsuit.

  • claytoncapeletti

    I have a young man who works for me that is an active minsterial servent. We grew up in the hall together and our mom's use to be really good friends. At first I was hestiant to let him know my "apostate views". He already knew that I smoked weed and cigarettes and so far the elders havent called me into a judical meeting, so I figured I could begin to explain why I left without freaking him out. After telling him my story, we began debating for 2 hours about the "Truth" and I let it all out. Given the chance I tried to talk about all the false dates, changed rules, etc but being the good little JW he is, I could see it in his eyes that he was blocking out everything I said and just waiting to spill out his next pro-JW "proof" that they are the choosen people. ( You know the look, blank stare with a look of pity towards me, afraid of truly listening and examining the evidence. )

    Anyway, now I just leave all of my printed evidence in a floder on my desk marked "JW Research" It works on my younger brother who I know has looked in my favorite places folder also named "JW Research". I think implying it's just research and not Anti-JW makes it easier for them to open the folders.

    Best of luck at work, but keep in mind the general rule of leaving politics and religion out of the work place. Since I own my business it's easier for me and I dont have to worry about pissing my bosses off.


    "Brothers dont shake hands, brothers got to hug"

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