New employee from old KH

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  • kittyeatzjdubs

    buy a bunch of little smurf figurines and leave them in random areas around her workspace. maybe she'll think the office has demunz and just quit. edited to add: and when she asks, ''what's w/ the smurfs?'' look puzzled and say, ''what smurfs? i don't see any smurfs?''


    luv, jojo

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Just keep it professional, I say.

    Why risk the job over religious diffs? I say it would be better to fight fire with fire by being friendly and courteous to the extreme. Maybe then she would perk up and notice that you are a decent and kind person, maybe even ask you some questions. You never know who is having 'secret doubts'.


  • ackack

    An interesting notion. Who is having "secret doubts"? I wish there was someway of detecting this. I know personally, I put on a good show despite having these. Eventually it burst like a dam though.

    Interesting, I work very closely with well, Ye Olde Internet, and I always wonder how long a dub can stay in without looking at anything apostate if they're working with the internet? Seems like eventually curiousity will get the better of you.


  • funkyderek

    Lots of funny suggestions in this thread. I'm going to be more boring and suggest you resist the temptation do anything that could be considered religious discrimination. Treat your coworker professionally and politely. If her behaviour (e.g. shunning you or badmouthing you) causes you problems in your job, then take it to her supervisor.

  • willyloman
    We keep it professional and leave it at that.

    That's the best advice. Take the high road. In time, you'll prevail.

  • thom

    ---"thom: I believe there is a real double standard if you're attempting to get re-instated. If thats your intent, elders would likely be more inclined to look the other way."---
    ackack, you're probably right about that. Someone who doesn't intend to return would probably seem much more "evil" and "dangerous" in their eyes.
    Hopefully work can be kept professional in your case. Some JW's can actually accomplish that.

  • lonelysheep

    Lol..funny responses.

    To avoid issues w/HR and your job, I'm all for decorating your workspace with cute smurfs like the one jojo posted, and leave COC visible there as well.

  • ackack

    Most of the people working here have various "toys" up all over their space. I think smurfs would be totally acceptable and prolly enjoyed quite a bit. I've got a huge pin at home about Smurfs Ice Capades, so I''ll have to bring that in.

    Oh come on guys, smurfs is SOOO passé. Shouldn't I do harry potter or something? ;)


  • lonelysheep
    Oh come on guys, smurfs is SOOO passé. Shouldn't I do harry potter or something? ;)

    You're right....Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (which I love), and something horror related should do!

  • jgnat

    I vote for "totally professional". This could be an excellent exercise in cult deprogramming, as you treat the employee as you would any other (sideline the religious stuff).

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