I need some help/advice :-(

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  • rr8483

    Other questions:

    Does each congregation have a 'NAME' or something to distinguish between them? Because I have seen photos of people wearing badges with their names on them and what congregation they are from.

    I'm so confused and worried about this and I really REALLY appreciate any information/advice that anyone can give me.

  • Ellie

    They only wear the badges if they go to assemblies where a lot of people from different congregations will be.

    The congregation just goes by the name of the town or area.

  • jgnat

    Hmmm, "very active sexual relationship". As usual, Blondie, you nailed it. RR, I'd say that YOU are his dirty little secret, his embarrassment. His family obviously does not know about this part of his life.

    He might be "sowing his wild oats" with you before he settles down, or riding the fence, confused, not knowing which way he wants to live (with you but rejected by family, or goobye sweet love I am off to be baptized).

  • rr8483

    But he says he loves me, and that he wants to get married in the future....

    He also says that he wants me to meet his parents, because he is proud of me....

    I'm worried about what he will say when I bring it up...because he doesn't know that I'm concerned about it. We had a conversation about it a while ago and it's never been mentioned since.

    I REALLY really really don't know what to do, and where to start when I talk to him.

  • under74

    Maybe you should be blunt....but before so read up on all you can about JWs. On this site got to the "best of" section. Trust me there's a lot of information there.

  • rr8483

    If anyone has MSN Messenger could you add me? [email protected] so we can talk a bit more...

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Whether or not he is baptized is irrelevant. If he believes that the jw are GOd's one true religion, he is a jw.

    Now you need to be very careful of something. You are in danger of getting into a very difficult and painful situation. It is extremely common for a person to be raised a witness, they leave, hook up with someone, and then have a child. Having a child is a life changing experience. It causes you to want to be the person you always wanted to be but were to lazy. Now you want to do things right for your child. To someone who was or believes in the witnesses, that means going back to the KH.

    If you have a child with him, he will very likely go back. In that case you can either decide to be a witness or an unbelieving spouse. Neither is very fun. As a witness you become a slave to a publishing company. Your entire life, destiny, and mind are turned over to them. Your jw husband, who will expect complete authority in your home, will try to make this your child's fate regardless of what you decide. As an unbelieving wife, your husband will have another wife, the wt. He will have another life outside his one with you. In that world you will always be inadequate because you will not to submit to God's will. Keeping the house, and your very active sex life will be all the use he has for you. All other needs will be taken care of by the wt.

    Be very careful!!! Your life is in danger of taking a very tragic turn.

    It is possible for him to stop beleiving in the jw as God's organization. He might even swear to you that is the case. The big acheivement is if he has no fear of not being a jw. Unless he is at that point, he is still a jw. If you can't get him to that point, I would not advise continuing any type of relationship with him.

    Please be careful.


  • Ellie

    I've just added you to my MSN

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board

  • daystar


    CYP is spot on. I was in your boyfriend's position at one time. Even after I left the Organization, when I thought I had fallen in love, I made an attempt at going back to the religion and bringing the girl with me.

    You are in a very difficult situation now, I'm sure. But I would highly recommend you steer very clear of the Jehovah's Witnesses and anyone involved in it as far as close personal relationships are concerned. If you get drawn in, your life might likely be misdirected by it and if you ever end up leaving later, you will spend years trying to recover your life.

    Don't take my word for it, or any other's for that matter. Keep looking into the religion, do more research. Try to look to your own life and well-being first and foremost.

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