Apostate lies?

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  • thom

    An active JW that I talk to regularly said recently, "How do you know that scans and stuff you see on the internet aren't fake? You can't trust stuff that people fake to make JW's look bad."
    As we were discussing the U.N. issue I suggested that he call the society or the U.N. and find out first hand for himself. Would he do that? No. It's much easier for him to comfort himself believing that anything anti-JW is fake and anything from the WT is correct. As of yet he doesn't see how he's fooling himself. Of course he may never see it.

  • caligirl

    My step-son said the same thing that Thom mentioned - that they said at the assembly that there are "fake" documents and he would be concerned that his Dad was fooled by a fake one. I assured him that they came directly from bound volumes and he was welcome to look at his own library to confirm, and asked if he really thought that his father was as dumb as that question implied. He chickened out of even looking at any of what we had- just the thought was too upsetting to him. His "faith" is so fragile that he couldn't even look at his own publications. It made us very sad.

  • OldSoul


    "His "faith" is so fragile that he couldn't even look at his own publications."

    That is the pity of it all. They are so sure their right. But they can't prove it. And anyone who asks them to prove it is an apostate. Which, as of this morning, I guess I officially am.


  • daystar
    "How do you know that scans and stuff you see on the internet aren't fake? You can't trust stuff that people fake to make JW's look bad."

    My father has hinted at as much as well. It was pointed out that there were WBTS publications on Ebay. His response was that they were somehow not originals, or that the people selling them were not Witnesses, whatever that has to do with anything.

    So much paranoia. I'm just glad he is beginning to see through it all. He mentioned to my sister recently that he began getting physically ill to his stomach when at a meeting and the speaker was describing the love and undeserved kindness and compassion that JWs exude. From what I've heard, it's a pretty good sign he's on his way out.

  • Finally-Free
    "How do you know that scans and stuff you see on the internet aren't fake?

    Yes, I had a couple of JWs insist that the letter on the UN web site was a fake. They insisted that "apostates" hacked the UN web site and put it there.


  • OldSoul


    They would probably say I faked the letters I received from the CCoJW.


  • ColdRedRain

    I usually call them out on their irrationality when they say that. My grandmother said hackers hacked the UN site and put it there. I said "Can you say that with with a rational certianty?" They're usually stunned when you say that.

  • HappyDad
    Almost everything I found on the web from apostates and such was true. As a matter of fact the only deception and lies I found were from jws and the wts.


    How true this is! And I am grateful for everything I researched on the internet for helping me to see the "truth" about the truth.

    And to everyone who continues to have their eyes opened and post about your own knowledge and experiences............THANK YOU!

    You have helped me and in turn are helping others to see through the fog.


  • DannyHaszard

    1 John 4:1 "test the inspired expression to see if it is from God..."

    JW's demand of strangers on their private doorsteps to make a critical examination of their belief system,yet members are forbidden to do the same,such utter hypocrisy.

    At my website i have a 5 min clip of the highly credible History channel narrated by a world class journalist indicting JW's as a spin-off of the William Miller movement of 1840.

    Watchtower lies and people die

  • codeblue

    I would have to say, it is all about "control with the Jw's.

    I was raised one and to be considered "spiritual" I would listen to their counsel...........

    Finally I got to a point where I wanted to decide for myself.

    For example: "Worldly (non jws) people are not unloving...........bingo

    During my divorce as a JW, and working...the most sympathetic were the so called "worldly" people...........why would that be when I needed support?

    I soon found out....

    I don't call myself an "apostate"..I am NOT a hypocrite...I want "truth"...If that makes me an "apostate" so be it...but I don't think God would justify that term.


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