Apostate lies?

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  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    So my question is what is wrong with going to ex-jws to get info if what they are saying is true?

    I find it so fascinating that the WTBS will lie to the rank and file to keep them from, what every single individual has, an inalienable right to truth. I think it was Scully that said that when a JW listens to an apostate then the JW leaves the WTBS. This is a problem for them and it is also why they warn against apostates. With today’s technological marvels and the Internet, it’s possible for any one to get information on just about any topic in a matter of seconds. This is a very precarious situation, indeed for controlling cult leaders to be in and is also exactly why they frown upon the Internet.

    When I was growing up as a JW and they lectured about throwing apostate literature away, I listened intently to everything they said. I reasoned that if apostates could harm my relation with JW and my standing in the rank and file so negatively that I certainly wouldn’t even open it, just as they advised. I was actually afraid that I would ever come across a letter from an apostate. How would I know it was from an apostate? What if some mail came and I didn’t know it was apostate and accidentally opened it?

    Now as I question that line of thought I ask myself, as an intelligent thinking individual, if presented facts on any given issue, am I capable of examining the evidence and determining for myself what the truth is? Do I want others making decisions for myself and my family? Am I content to take the word of a group of strangers that I will never meet or shake hands with?

    If you presented these questions to a JW in the context of any other aspect of their life other then religion, the critical thinking part of their brain would switch on and eight or nine times out of ten the majority would make smart decisions. Because they have all been programmed with the relentless drum of the WTBS when someone applies these questions to religion they immediately hit the kill switch. Their ability to think for themselves or reason is instantly taken over by the prerecorded message of the WTBS.

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