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  • BluesBrother

    Old Soul

    I have been told so by my BOE, by letter from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and by a Circuit Overseer. Since I only question these teachings, right now, I am not in danger of expulsion. If I go one step further, I risk expulsion.

    things do vary in different locations . I have debated [and pulled no punches] with elders in three congo's since stepping aside as an elder. Nobody has suggested that I should be d/f'd. They are not bothered since, so far, I have not (to their knowledge) proved a "spiritual danger" to anyone else. Around here I think you would have stick a pin in them to get them to notice you.

    As for defd, I support those who say that it should not be a campaign against him. Let him read what we post and perhaps the penny will drop.

    Regarding "Going beyond what is written" , it reminds me of an experience. My friend was appealing his removal as an elder. This was because he had defied WT counsel and allowed his 15 yr old daughter to have a steady boyfriend. He presented a well researched line of reasoning to the Special Appeal Committee, using the Bible to show that youthful marriages were not wrong in Bible times. The committee just turned and said "When did you hear the Society use the Scripture in that way? The only thing that mattered was issue and page of a watchtower article. That was their true "Bible". They cared not what was in scripture

  • defd

    you're not worth any more of my time.

    No loss of sleep here. See ya!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    On page 146 of What Does the Bible Really Teach?, the opening sentence of paragraph 6 purports to represent one of the six criteria for determining the true religion. It reads: "God's servants base their teachings on the Bible."

    Question 1: Do you believe that to be a certain mark of the true religion?

    Question 2: Do you believe that absence of Scriptural basis for teachings is a mark of false religion?

    Question 3: Do you personally know, or can you find, the Scriptural basis for the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses?

    OldSoul, here's my dF'd answers:

    1. I haven't found that written in the scriptures, but it could be considered to be the mark of true religion if the religious heirarchy is allowed to put their own spin on scriptural content. I've found this to be true.

    2. Not in the eyes of the beholders and believers of such a religion engaging in teachings of scriptural absentia.

    3. Only in the publications of the WTS, which puts its own spin on scriptural content. They really know how to color outside the box.


  • willyloman

    Three more questions:

    1. Does anyone remember Fred Hall?

    2. Is defd the NEW Fred Hall?

    3. Is defd in fact Fred Hall?

    Just a thought...

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I agree with the sentiment that defd should not be the target of a persecution here. I don't think that has happened. Certainly not with the questions that Oldsoul has posted here.

    But blanket assertions of belief is not defense of those beliefs, is it? Defd claims to be able to defend the Watchtower positions, but in all his hundreds of posts here I have never seen a real defense. I think that is why he is such a target, IMHO!

    Oldsoul, FinallyFree, jgnat, carla, Honesty, myself and many others have asked dozens of simple questions that have been ignored, side-stepped, or have had our character attacked in lieu of an actual answer from the Bible as asked. All Watchtoweresque in style.

    I also realize that he is a victim like we all were at one time of the foolish reasonings of the Watchtower Publishing Firm. He honestly thinks that just saying it is the 'Truth' makes it true. He has never had to think for himself. And has never been taught to rely on the Bible as an honest guide, though he thinks he does.

    I feel a deep measure of pity for his immense confusion at this point. He clearly knows that there are too many things wrong, but want to hold to the organizational concept. His liferaft is deflating and he is grasping for straws to keep it afloat.


  • jgnat

    I'd say a good bucket is worth a dozen straws. The imagery of defd trying to keep a dingy afloat with a straw.....not a pretty image.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    1. Does anyone remember Fred Hall?

    2. Is defd the NEW Fred Hall?

    3. Is defd in fact Fred Hall?

    Willyloman -

    IP number does not match - but then he could be on a different computer I guess.


  • OldSoul


    Your points are well taken. But defd has also disclaimed feeling any need to answer insincere questions. His interpretation of "insincere" may not match the interpretation of the asker, and it may even be a convenient trick of cognitive dissonance to allow avoidance of troubling thoughts,

    I consider defd to be honorable and intelligent. I can fully understand, from his perspective, why he might be hesitant to respond to questions, especially if he believes the asker is either insincere or has already firmly decided how they view things. In my case, he has agreed to reply but has asked for a postponement until tomorrow because his shift is over.

    I have scoured the CD-ROM and questioned everyone short of a District Overseer, but that is certainly not proof of non-existence when it comes to Scriptural support for these teachings. I hope defd makes a diligent search for Scriptural support. I hope for defd's sake that he is able to find Scriptural proof, but I don't expect it. And I really won't mind if he just PMs me tomorrow to tell me he can't support them Scripturally.

    I wish everyone could remember what it is like to walk in defd's shoes and find their empathy by imagining his life.


  • Hellrider
    All other religions in the world are imperfect, and they are all controlled by Satan in order to keep people out of God's imperfect organization.

    That is what the BIBLE says.

    Ok, DefD. But you yourself said that Gods organisation, which you believe is Gods channel to mankind, was in a bad shape. Then what`s the difference between the "religions of the world", and "gods organisation"?

  • LittleToe

    Fredhall had a distinctive style. Derrick comes across as nothing like. Be fair, guys!

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