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  • Lilycurly

    Okay, I finally wrote. Got inspired by some letters I read here, other places, and of course personal experience. I would love to have an opinion about it...

    (I had to translate it form French...gramatical strangeness and abbreviations doesn't count!lol)

    Dear Elders...

    I'm writting this letter to inform you about my decision to DA myself as I do not want to be known as a JW anymore. I have tought about this for a long time and made sincere and deep researches, in fact, I decided to examine both side of the coin without any restrictions and I quickly understood why the WatchTower society so strongly dissaproves those investigations. I am now more then convinced that I made the right choice.

    I will not insist on details as I am pretty certain that you know of all these reasons and that one way or another, you will quickly classify them as apostate or false. I do not blame you for that, because I know I would done have the same just a few years back about ideas that contradicted what I had learned and beleived.

    I know I could write pages about flip-flops in the JW Dogma that lead to the lost of so many innocent lives ( organ transplant, vaccins..etc.), falsified and/or erronous dates and history (607..), questionable translations, false prophecies that want to be forgotten, hidden origins (a great research topic, about the great pyramids, Russell and 1914...), not forgetting numerous scandals (political and moral), association with the UN, and many other reasons. I would waste my time trying to make people see what they are not ready to see. It is not my responsability what others choose to do with their lives. As for me, I could not continue, it did not satisfy me to hear or read the weak explanations given by the WTS, this multibillionaire, made in USA organisation; to explain and rationalise those wrongs with pretty pictures and well chosen words that caress the ears of those who listen.

    I feel that our intelligence is being insulted when I read of "new light" that's getting brighter. When all it really is, to an honnest observer are drastic changes in beleives to gloss over problems that show up as time carry on.

    I think I need to mention that I have decided to celebrate holidays as I wish, as those festive days do not have anymore pagan conotations to present society then wind-chimes or a bride's veil. They are not more perverse as a wedding anniversary, and as no be-heading is occuring, I see no wrong in celebrating them. Instead of living my life based on a thousand man-made rules, wich is very reminiscing of the Pharisees, I live it base on the one important rule, love. I do not need a society to tell me how many hours I must give, or how many meetings I must attend to to be spiritual.

    In conclusion, I must say that I have never been more happy, or more at peace with life, myself and God in all my life. I met many great people, with great personalities in the congregation I attended, and I will always keep a good memory of htem, even though our path must definitly part today.

    Thank you for your time

    May life be good to you.


    (There I put Deut 18:22 about when "a prophet makes a false prophecy, you shall not be scared." or something along the line...)

  • OldSoul

    Whoa! Your letter is going to blow them away. Reasoned, not preachy, focusing on your decision, not bitter. Everything an apostate letter is supposed to be your's is not. WOW!



  • chester


    Your letter is beautifully written.

    I love it.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Beautiful. Couldn't be better. Short, sweet, makes a few points and concludes. Brilliant.


  • GetBusyLiving

    That was one of the best DA letters I've ever read! To the point, not too long.. A+++


  • Lilycurly

    Thank you.:P As I said, I got inspired by many already existing letters. I wanted to make mine short and sweet, so they are done reading it all before they know it.:) I just spotted many obvious mistakes though...must learn to spell-check!

  • upside/down

    May I paraphrase your letter for one of my own ?


  • Lilycurly

    Of course! that's why I wrote it here...and also for critisim...any critics?lol

  • OldSoul

    If you are wanting to hand it to them in English, I would like to help with the grammar and spelling. Other than that, you have earned a large additional serving of my respect.


  • Lilycurly

    Hihi, no, I wouldn't try to write something this important in English, but thanks for the offer! The French version is MUCH better!lol It has more flow to it. If some french people need it, I could post it in french too...

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