My DA letter....

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  • Honesty


  • coolhandluke

    I am so impressed. Blown away by your clarity and near sweetness. Its hard to realize that you have crafted this like a surgeon with a scapel until you look at the final product: a body cut into many pieces, sweetly, with kindess, with love.

    ...I am blown away


  • daystar

    The letter you wrote is a great DA letter as far as they go. I just don't really understand why anyone would feel the need to do such a thing.

    I'm not being oppositional. I just don't see the benefit. In fact, I think it's like a person is still playing the Watchtower's game.

    So, out of curiousity, why do you feel it necessary to write a DA letter?

  • dedpoet


    That is a great letter, so well thought out and written

    Well done

  • Lilycurly

    Well, I've tought long and hard before writting one, that's for sure...But my father is still in, and it kind of bugs me that he still considers me an inactive JW. He told me that for them, I am still a part of the congo, and I really don't want that.

    I also felt the need to tell them why I quit, and be sure that they don't think I just faded away out of lazyness or rebellion, wich they always assume young people do. I'm thinking of sending it to a few members too, to spread to word.;P

  • schne_belly

    Instead of living my life based on a thousand man-made rules, wich is very reminiscing of the Pharisees, I live it base on the one important rule, love.

    BRAVO!! Very good letter....

  • OldSoul


    I'm thinking of sending it to a few members too, to spread to word.;P

    If you need donations for postage costs to make sure it reaches the entire congregation, let me know. Also, ask Kwintestal for help with arranging the right time to mail to the members. It will depend on how reliable Quebec's postal system is and when your "Theocratic" School and Servitude Meeting are scheduled.

    EXCELLENT letter!


  • z

    Absolutely brilliant

  • simplesally

    Very nice letter.......... I bet it would be beautiful to read in French. You should post the French version as well.

  • Goldminer

    Great letter,I love it.I just have a thought to share about the "new light" comment in your letter.The watchtower has on many occasions taken "erroneous or false teachings and turned them into advancing truth".Now,does that make any sense? How can a lie become "truth"? You are either teaching the truth or you are not.

    Btw,I'm french also,used to attend a french book study and go to some assemblies in Quebec.


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