What countries are helping the US with hurricane Katrina?

by Texas Apostate 41 Replies latest social current

  • nowisee

    yes, i just don't understand.

    why in the world couldn't they airlift water, food, diapers, medicine in to those in desperate need IMMEDIATELY. if they could ground every single aircraft during 9/ll within hours why couldn't they mobilize every single aircraft to get supplies in to those desperate people within hours. as i see it there is just no excuse.

    if you watch the faces of the reporters covering this, they are also outraged. they just do not get it. i am particularly interested in the reaction of anderson cooper, raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, son of gloria vanderbilt, -- and he is obviously outraged. i know his life and perspective are changed forever. this is good. we need the bluebloods to speak out.

    i hope we all will give as much as we can to aid this situation.

  • Narkissos

    Fwiw, I just read that besides private donations, NGOs and national participation in the European help (especially in gas, see above), France has officially offered eight aircrafts, two ships, 600 tents and 1000 campbeds.

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