What countries are helping the US with hurricane Katrina?

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  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    Just a question to put out there but, are there any countries in world who have pledged to help the US durring this time of crisis?

    Or is it going to be, The US is rich enough they can take care of themselves!

    Just would like to know.

    TA (of the can I get a hand China, Russia, France (yeah right)...class)

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I think they should at least send manpower. HL

  • talesin

    Relief efforts are underway, and personnel are readying to leave from Halifax and I'm sure, all over Canada, just as we were there for 9/11.


  • blondie
    Relief personnel from across the nation and Canada will be responding to an event of this size, she said.


  • avishai

    Thanks, Canada!!

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    Hey tale your little makes little sense to me, as I was mearly asking a question, and my comments were laced in sarcasm. Oh well.

    As for all you Canucks. Thanks for the help.

    The quicker the relief, the faster we can get all the Rajun Cajun's back to their homeland.

  • talesin

    I was responding to your bitter sarcasm in a time of sorrow by rolling my eyes. I admit, I have used that thingy twice today (and for the first time, because it's not how I usually act). I guess I'm just a little tired of Americans being mad because we did not go to war with GWB, and I'm not in a good mood today because I had to quit my job.

    Just cause we, France, etc. didn't agree with that one thing, doesn't mean we don't all love you guys a whole bunch, ya know? *sigh*



  • jgnat


    Just cause we, France, etc. didn't agree with that one thing, doesn't mean we don't all love you guys a whole bunch, ya know? *sigh* (hug)
  • avishai

    I think he was referring to the reaming we get for not "helping" enough during the tsunami, etc.. I think it's a valid question, though, and one not to be attached to Iraq, etc. Canada is there, and I don't think anyone thought they would'nt be, especially with Quebec and Louisiana's tie's, however loose. BUT, the question does beg an answer, when there have been disasters in Russia, france (and her protectorates) even Iran the US has sent aid and manpower regardless of the wealth of the country. Can we expect the same?

  • ballistic

    I hope countries are helping with the humanitarian needs. Most of the long term cost will be met by global insurance companies just as when our insurance costs in Britain went up after 9/11 to pay for it.

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