What countries are helping the US with hurricane Katrina?

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    Not to worry, there is a large, vocal Acadian community here! They have their own university "La Universite de l'Acadien" at Ste. Anne's, and we have a festival every year. They have their own flag, and it is a proud heritage. You just had the location wrong, is all, and I knew you would be interested in having the history set straight. :)

    By the way, have I told you lately ... ???


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    Right back atcha, chere, Muah!

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    Avi shaves his head and gets all the love...it just aint right..

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    Actually it doesn't relate to the question. But it does relate to what Avi said. Like this:

    Pres. Bush stopped his vacation early (big of him, huh?), is in Washington currently, and will fly over New Orleans on Friday. FRIDAY WILL BE TOO LATE!!!!!! (This reminds me of 9/11 when he was in the Florida classroom and didn't respond for several minutes after he had been told about the disaster.)

    I really don't care if people like the resident president. When there is a disaster in other parts of the world, the US sends aid in some shape or form, as soon as possible.

    I can see if countries figure the US can handle this disaster on its own. I'm confident that the optimism of the people within the confines of the country can help, aid, and rebuild "The Big Easy" and other affected areas.

    Compassion, in the form of $ and supplies, is pouring in from all parts of the world.

    Sorry but that does not answer either. I was asking about specific countries. Some have already mentioned Canada. I have already said my thanks to them.

    OK World. Any other takers???

  • talesin


    I am an equal opportunity love child, and I lurvs your dreads!!!! Just don't pinch me when we meet, and will be ALL GOOD! (LOL !)


    I hear you, and you are abso-effin-lutely right!

    In spite of my disagreement with US foreign policy, I recognize that the US people are one of the most caring in the world. You are my cuz's, and I love yas dearly. Hmm, just had a thought, though. If you are indeed the richest country in the world, and are always helping everyone else, except for prayers and such, can't your own government supply all the financial need? This is not a mean thing I'm saying, just practically, why would you need aid?



  • LyinEyes

    The last two days I have been dealing with my son who had dental surgery and trying to watch the news to keep up on this hurricane tragedy.

    But answer me this.........Has the President made a national address on this hurricane? I have no clue on what he has said so far and want to catch up. I hear he is flying over New Orleans on Friday.........well he can just turn on CNN and see the damage and at least make a statement........I may be speaking out of ignorance because I admit I havent been able to watch the News as much as possible .

    If he would just get there, as close as possible , or send someone who can reassure the people who lost everything, that help , serious help with funds will be available to them, it would help ease their pain.

    I can not imagine , what the ones who lost everything, have no money in the bank, no family to help them must be going thru. Especially the families with children to feed . What a crisis.

  • Narkissos

    Sorry I have no information about French involvement thus far -- whether help was offered, or accepted, yet.

    But I'd like to ask: what exactly are "countries"? Governments? Don't the worldwide donators to national or international NGOs which are helping count?

    Btw, if you insist on making it a political issue, I wonder if the US stance on the Kyoto Protocol would not be a slightly more relevant factor in the present case than the Iraq war, fwiw.

  • kilroy2

    I will tell you one thing, the dubbers will be preaching from the pulpit that this is part of the end, and also that they need to help "fellow dubbers"

    Just like when Andrew hit. As far as other countries helping, well what comes around goes around, they should remember what they do now will reflect on what we do when something goes wrong in their neck of the woods.

    I hope nola can rebuild. I vacation there every other year. a wonderful place to visit. as for the looting, if you have ever been there, it is the most impoverished city I have seen, you leave the vue carie and you are in the projects.

    In the end I think this will hit us all with higher prices, lumber will flood in the months to come to the damaged areas, and will spike, oil, who knows, last I saw 20 oil platforms were missing or adrift.

    The other shoe has not dropped yet. The thing I hate is I can hear the dumbdom saying this is the end of the world and clapping like ragheads when when the twin towers went down G.B to talk to the nation at 5pm est, P.S. Some tree hugging idiot, came on cnn and said that the us brought this on by not signing the kyoto accord. what a load of horse shit in the first degree. These IDIOTS do not tell you the K.A was not signed by china and several other third world countries, but the tree hugging idiots say that we should leed by example. loads of bull shit by idiots that hate the us.

  • SixofNine

    The Russian Emergencies Ministry has offered the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency help in conducting search-and-rescue operations after Hurricane Katrina hit the American Gulf Coast and surged northward, RIA Novosti reports.

    Two Russian Ilyshin cargo planes with rescue workers, search helicopters and special equipment for off-line operations in disaster areas are on standby at the Ramenskoe aerodrome outside Moscow ready to leave for the United States.

    Ministry employees are also ready to participate in the search for and rescue of hurricane victims, including any Russian citizens that may be in the Gulf region.

    The Ministry has also offered to send a Russian expert to the rescue headquarters near New Orleans.


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    Tahnks, Russia

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