Can someone explain the generation change?

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  • carla

    In a rare meeting I had with a ms, he & were discussing the Nov. 1995 change, husband just sat there like we were talking Greek or something. The ms understood it but made no move to enlighten my husband about it. Don't know if he even knows what it's all about now. carla

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I heard rumors about the "new understanding" of the generation teaching being in a Watchtower, but when I heard it at an assembly I had a sick feeling in my stomach and knew for certain that the Witnesses were totally full of shit


    I couldnt phrase it better myself.That was the beginning of the end as far as i was concerned.I asked my Dad recently to explain the 1995 Generation change to me slowly...and then realise what he was saying.He couldnt see it.deluded totally.

  • littlemike

    You need a direct answer to your question

    Actually nobody can expalin the generation change as the new understanding is meaningless. I tried this when I was still a JW and asked brothers and sisters to expalin it and none of them could,

    Even the governing body cannot expalin it thay just said it was the "contemporous people of the time".

    Sounds like politician talk to me

  • TD

    ---Not only is it meaningless, it practically destroys the doctrine of the "Great Crowd" No wonder many Witnesses have trouble accepting it.

  • willyloman

    If memory serves, it was the study article in the Nov. 15, 1995 WT. This "new light" was so mind-blowing to me that I went to the morning AND the afternoon meeting to hear the comments from the audience and to see how the WT conductors handled it. In both cases, they glossed right over it and most of the audience seemed completely uninterested.

    I think that's when I fully realized something was seriously wrong with this whole thing. Then, about a month later, the Society ran a QFR asking if this meant the end was now "a long way off." Oh, no, they insisted. If anything, it's closer now than ever before! And that was all the reassurance most dubs needed. If they were troubled at all about it, this put their minds at ease. And just that easily, it was all forgotten. For years after that, I was always astounded when seemingly bright people would act as if they had no knowledge of this shift in the JW cosmos.

    Of course, what else can you expect from a group of people that worshipped at the feet of Fred Franz for decades, who salivated whenever he launched into one of his incomprehensible "typical/antitypical" rants? They believe everything they hear because it sounds complicated.

  • Ingenuous

    I was disturbed by the change explaining the creation of the role of the "Nethinim" in '92. They had invented a class that could take-over once the FDS was gone and make sure that, even after the 144,000 were resurrected to heaven, "the other sheep must go on increasing." This change alone made it clear that the Org had abandoned the "there will still be anointed on the earth when the great tribulation starts" belief. This also meant that the system could go on forever.

    But I had only gotten baptized the year before, so I knew how to not let it bother me too much.

  • steve2
    Oh, and she started crying when I threw all of my old books out.

    Our dear (manipulative) mothers can be the biggest obstacle to our leaving this religion. Good to know that even your mother's tears did not stop you leaving!

  • OldSoul

    The Greek "genea" is the root of other common words in our modern tongue such as geneology (genealogia/genealogio). I will leave it up to you to decide whether it means an indeterminate period of time or a period spanning from the beginning of the capacity to reproduce until death.

    Effectively, it has to be admitted that the "generation" has died that saw 1914. Those born in 1914 are 91, those who were 10 are 101, those who were 20 are dead. In 1995 (the year the "thinking" changed) those who were 20 in 1914 were 91. Wrting on the wall? Or divine insight?

    Again, you be the judge.


  • roybatty

    The question that every JW should ask themselves isn't "why did the WT change this belief" (that's obvious) but instead "why would Jehovah have His people believe and teach something for 70 or 80 years that is totally false?"

    JWs will pull up certain scriptures and say "Ah hah, see? Even the first apostles didn't quite understand (insert Jesus death, Jesus return, last days, etc...). However, my question was always, did the apostles spend the better part of a century teaching something that was false and then, with time running out, change their um...."understanding"?

  • OldSoul

    Deuteronomy 18:20-22 is crystal clear, to me.

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