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  • NewYork44M
    With the start of the new service year, there are 9 new circuits in the United States branch territory, making a total of 41 new circuits in the last five years. Of these, 22 are Spanish, 11 are English, and 8 are other languages. The United States branch territory now comprises 580 circuits and 45 districts.

    What is interesting is what is not mentioned. Increasing circuits only means that boundry lines were changed and some circuits got smaller. However, there was no mention of an increase in the number of congregations or publishers. Since the society is very big on numbers, it seems that if either of these increased, this would be mentioned.

  • BluesBrother

    Every new circuit requires a new circuit overseer and a circuit car , and more expense , so I cannot see them chosing to do this for the sake of the numbers game.

    The "Foreign language field" is a likely reason . Around here the emphasis is very definately on that , with pubs (especially pioneers) being urged to learn a language, including deaf signing. I heard of somebody once attending a Special Assembly day in deaf sign. I think that would have been rather bizarre, to us that can hear, but no doubt appreciated by those that have use of the language.

    Imagine that you are resident in foreign land with a limited command of the language. Somebody approaches you and makes an effort tp communicate , supplies perhaps the only printed stuff in that language you have seen here, - would you not be impressed?

    I wonder how many of the interested ones are just lonely??

  • upside/down
    I wonder how many of the interested ones are just lonely??

    I'd say the majority.

    The "Goth" fad has more converts than the JW's...

    u/d(of the shoulda bought Hot Topic stock class)

  • sir82

    Blues Brother,

    In the US, among the Hispanic community, that is especially true. Many start Bible studies because they are new immigrants, cut off from the oftentimes huge support network they had in their home countries. Their study conductor can help them figure out where to buy groceries, where to go to the doctor, help get their kids enrolled in school, etc.

    I think part of the huge success rate in the Hispanic community can be illustrated by this scenario:

    Imagine you are a very poor Mexican, living in a dirt floor shack in a remote village way up in the mountains. You pay your entire life savings to a "coyote" who gets you over the border & then abandons you. You manage to make it to someplace where there are no qualms about hiring undocumented aliens, but all your friends & family are 1000+ miles away.

    Then, a very well-dressed Hispanic couple comes to your door with a message from the Bible, a book you have been taught to respect. They seem to know far more about it than you imagined anyone could, even more than your priest back home. Eventually you study, start to go the Kingdom hall, and see dozens of people who were in your position, but now are clean cut, well dressed, highly respected by hundreds of persons, better educated, with better jobs....and you think, "Hey, I could be part of this".

    Then you go to a District convention and see Hispanic men speaking about the Bible, being applauded by 10,000+ people. Where else in this country are you going to see something like that happen? From that point on, you're sold.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Donate your time.

    Donate your expertise.

    Donate your money.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    When i toured walkill i lost the will to live ...boredom and the sight of bored looking drones depressed the living hell out of me.

  • aniron


    The first Circuit Assembly I attended had over 3,000 attendees. The last Circuit Assembly I attended had just a little over 1800 attendees. The first District Assembly I attended had over 13,000 attendees. The last District Assembly I attended had about 3500 attendees. The reason I was given for the difference is that the circuits and districts were smaller because of the huge increases in the brotherhood. I bought it until I started looking at the yearly Service Reports and wondered why no real increases in the numbers of active JW's.

    Likewise my experience here in Britain. I remember the Circuit Assembly having 2-3000 attending in fact we had to split it into two weekends. Because not all would fit into the 1800 seater assembly hall. So they split the Circuit into two, because of the "huge increase of those finding the truth". That was late 80's if I recall right.

    Also at our District Convention we would get 18-20,000 over the 3-4 days. I think the peak was 22,000 in early 90's.

    From what I have been told now, Circuit Assemblies are making 900-1000 in attendance and this years District Convention had 14,000 attending.

    At the beginning of the year when I left I recall seeing in a Kingdom Ministry a 125,000 JW's in Britain, with peak of 132,000. Then when I left at the end of the year this had dropped to 120,000. I used to think, where have 12,000 witnesses gone?

    I think they are up to 125,000 now mainly through getting "inactive" ones back in. Certainly can't be through anything else. Because a Circuit Assembly last year for the first time ever, had no one to baptise.

    The WT is running scared. More and more information is getting through to its members. Things that at one time they could keep quiet they no longer can, UN, peadophiles, etc. Plus the falseness of their teachings. They also shoot themselves in the foot over changes in teachings like the "1914 generation" in 1995. It makes their own members question whats going on. Now they have two new GB members "young" guys in their 50's. Yet its not all that long ago they were saying ones of such an age could not be of the "anointed" those that claim to be must be mistaken.

    Also those of us who have left are no longer frightened to make such things known to family and friends who are still JW's. Which is why they try to cracked down on the shunning policy and enforce it strictly.

    Its slow process but eventually the WT will become a shadow of its self. Not quite disappearing, there will always be the die hards who will cling on to the beliefs. Just as the Bible Students who hung on to Russells teachings have done.

  • Cygnus

    Who knows that the future holds for that religion. Many here have nailed down, I believe, the immigrant factor.

    : "If Jehovah is willing I plan to come back every year"

    Why wouldn't he be willing as all get-out? I never understand religious people and their slogans, JW, born-agains, or otherwise.

  • blondie

    Out of 41 new circuits, only 11 are English, 25%.

    This is the USA right?

    What happens when the "increase" dries up in those language groups like the increase did in the poster child country Japan?

    It shows too that for many years the WTS ignored those language groups in the US.

    Also I can remember when the 2 circuits in my area were 3 and now they barely field enough people for 2.

    It's smoke and mirrors, folks.

    Blondie (still on the road)

  • ozziepost
    Who TALKS like this?!

    Actually, GBL, plenty of people do! When I was working at Bethel, I'd occasionally go and check the Visitors' Book and be amazed at the number of drooling comments - even when I was on the inside at Bethel, I'd feel like they were talking about a different place to what I knew!

    So, yes, the comments quoted are most likely real - and sad.

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