Anyone read Da Vinci Code?

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  • vitty

    I read it a couple of weeks ago, It really started to confuse me on what is fact and what is fiction. But after a while you realize its all fiction. I prefered Angels and Demons.

    Ive just started to read Deception point which is also written by Dan Brown, a totally different type of book, its pretty good up to now, I do like the way he keeps you in suspense!

  • jwfacts

    The Da Vinci Code is what convinced me finally that the JW's are wrong. When i started to research what was written in the DaVinci code i started to uncover a lot of the connections between the Freemasons and Russell. I was totally stunned to see all the information in the Studies in the Scriptures on pyramids and that the knights templar was on the Watchtower. Though the work is fiction, the symbology crept into a number of modern religions.

    I have a book I have just started reading that is non fiction (or at least claims to be well researched) that looks at paintings of Da Vinci etc and it does seem he was very much a follower of John the Baptist and did mock Jesus in a number of paintings.

    For anyone that is not aware of all the Freemason symbols Russell borrowed when forming the 'Witnesses' i put an article up at and a bit on Russells Zionist stance at

  • Evanescence

    Catholic view if anyone is interested,


  • doofdaddy

    I''d rather porn than the catholic version thanx

  • googlemagoogle

    I''d rather porn than the catholic version thanx


    there's a german metal band called "sodom" (don't know if it still exists) and they have one song called "watchtower" and one called "awake". i only remember a few lines of one of those songs: "watchtower! no i prefer my porn"...

  • buffalosrfree

    I found it to be a lot like one one of the publications from the WTBTS a little bit of truth and a whole bunch of b.s. Buff

  • Terry

    Frankly, I'm gobsmacked that millions of people for over two years have been titillated and persuaded (almost) that something might be awry with the Jesus story; but, that it took a rather clunky fiction book to prick their interest!

    I work in a bookstore (in Religion and Philsophy sections) and the requests for DaVinci Code are endless. We can't ever keep it in stock. It hasn't even come out in paperback here in the states yet after all this time.

    As was stated, Holy Blood Holy Grail is the template for this Dan Brown book. It is poorly reasoned and unconvincingly so. Yet, it is THIS BOOK that got people thinking! Why? Why? Why?

    Maybe fiction is the only tolerable venue for viewing other fiction ?


  • Mulan
    I first read Angels and demons, which I thought was a little far fetched at the end of the book.

    Boy, isn't that the truth? Jumping out of a helicopter, trying to make a tarp work as a parachute of sorts.................and surviving???

    I read the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons about two years ago. Great reads, both, but totally fiction. That's what makes him a good writer though, he makes the far fetched pretty darned believable.

    As ex JW's, we need to fine tune the "critical reading" meters in our heads. Not everything in print is to be believed. Research, research, research.


    Agreed ... Sounds like a lesson in critical thinking. Guess we've learned our lesson upon exiting dubland.

    Questioning is healthy.

    Love and light


  • Evanescence

    According to my Italian teacher, Da Vinci was a good artist, scientist etc. but the one thing he wasn't good at was religion, Da Vinci loved human bodies, he got himself baptised as a Catholic, but Da Vinci would go to hospitals and want to cut people up and see how the body inside works, to people who are about to die in a couple of days or so, The Pope soon heard about this, and of cause its not nice to cut people up while still living and at the time the Catholic church was against it so the pope excommunicated Da Vinci, so Da vinci made up the code to get back at the Catholic church.

    I''d rather porn than the catholic version thanx

    Your so rude, cut it out!


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