Going to Church for the First Time Alone

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  • findingmyway

    No I meant to say Church of Christ which has no denomination. The United Church of Christ is a Lutheran church.

  • dorayakii
    No I meant to say Church of Christ which has no denomination.

    Your definition of "denomination" may need a little tweeking. The word was coined in 1398 from Latin de- + nominare, and literally means "to assign a distinctive name". A denomination is "a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith" and can also be described as "a group within the Christian church". A person can only be called a non-denominational Christian when he does not worship in an organised group.

    They have their own special name; they don't merely call themselves "Christians"... you cannot write a cheque to "Christians" and have it sent to your intended recipiant. You can however write a cheque to "the Watchtower Society" or to the "Church of Christ". The very fact that you said "There's a distinction between the UCC and the Church of Christ" shows it is separate from that branch of Christianity. They have "assigned themselves a name" and are therefore a denomination.

    finding, i definately recommend you follow jgnat's advice and take things slow with this religion. Even though they may not force you to be formally baptised, they still have distinctive beliefs, and as you learn more and more about those beliefs, you may find they conflict with your view of what Christianity is or should be. Never fall into a trap of wanting your whole family to worship in the same way, it may cause unnecessary conflict espacially if you discourage your family from expressing their own individuality. Maybe not as grave as if you were in the Watchtower, but damaging nonetheless.

  • findingmyway

    That's interesting. Thanks for the definition. Don't the witnesses claim no denomination too?

  • dorayakii

    Yes, they do... The Watchtower Society love to call themselves "true christians"(TM), implying that they themselves are "non-denominational"; but by their distictive beliefs and their different name, they put themselves in that very category.

  • alreadygone

    I went to a Church of Christ church once. I was shocked because it was soooo like a JW meeting. After the sermon, I started a conversation with some of the members. I told them I used to be a JW and I was told, "we are very similar to JW's in our beliefs". We got on the topic of shunning. Guess what. They believe in shunning. I was told that it is rare that they go to those lengths, but it is bible based to shun.

    That was the last time I went there.

    But don't take my word for it. Always question...

  • findingmyway

    Yeah, I know their meetings are very similar in tone and they do believe in df'ing and they rarely resort to this. They don't go to the same lengths as JWs. You won't be df'd if you confess and ask for forgiveness. The diff is that people who are df'd make the decision that they don't want to follow the bible course...it's more like they DA themselves, but every effort is made to keep that person in association. If they don't want it an announcement is made that that individual is no longer a member. From what I understand they don't shun and shame people, though. I could be wrong and I certainly will investigate.

  • sunshine2

    talking about churches.......today I went the second time on a Sunday to the "Unity Church"...it was very nice and I feel good going there. I had written about this before. There are no denominations...many attending are catholics or have other religious beliefs - it does not matter to anybody. Their slogan is: "there is one right way - your're on it" .....there is no preaching or anything. The sermon helps to think more positive, to eliminate negativity and to love.

    Today was potluck lunch and I ended up staying for lunch and afterwards helped mail out the monthly newsletter.

    I probably will never be ready for anyone to explain or interpret the Bible to me.....and I don't need it to serve God.

    Love your neighbor,

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I think it is nice that the Church of Christ sends chaplains to the armed services. I will think better of them as I pass their churches, and as my child goes to their church camps, with her friends. HL

  • Schizm
    I think it is nice that the Church of Christ sends chaplains to the armed services.

    They think of themselves as being Christ's Church (or congregation), for which reason they call themselves the Church of Christ. Why do you think that Christ Jesus would approve of his congregation getting involved in the world's wars?


  • misspeaches

    Well good on you!

    You have the freedom to make a choice, you made it and followed through on it. Be careful, trust your gut but don't let people criticise you for doing it. You are your own person and know if you have spiritual needs or not.

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed the experience.

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