Films/movies that resonate with Apostates

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  • ithinkisee

    I agree with Tetra ... The Village did it for me.

    I saw that about a month or so after I had determined that something was SERIOUSLY wrong with my belief system. My wife actually rented the movie.

    I figured it out after 30 minutes. My wife asked me how. I said because the leaders of the village used similar logic as JW elders (and in turn, the GB). I picked up on it instantly.


  • damselfly

    The Village seems to be the top movie here. I'll have to overrule the boyfriend and get it next time.

    The Handmaidens Tale did it for me. My mother and I watched it when I was a teen still living at home. Shook me up so much I checked the book out of the library to make sure I had really saw so much similarity.


  • ithinkisee

    I don't think this is a spoiler ....

    At the end the elders are basically trying to decide if they should continue their "village" in spite of all the obvious bad that happened.

    They decide to all agree with the lie and continue on in their village.

    Truly "a lie mutually agreed upon".

    This reminded me of the GB.


  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Yeah, i can't believe I forgot about 1984.......that one's a keeper.

  • NeonMadman
    Cant believe no-one put 1984. If you have ever read it or seen the film- do so!

    Moreso the book than the film, imho. The film pretty much sticks to the storyline, while the book went into a lot of the details of how the mind control actually worked. Either the book or the film depicts life under a totalitarian regime, however, so the film is not totally irrelevant. And on the topic of other movies, I'd have to say that the picture on the inside back cover of the hardbound Greatest Man book always reminded me of the scene in Godfather Part 2 where Fredo gets whacked.

  • Mulan
    The Village

    this movie illustrates, overtly, what it is like to be in a high control group, JW or otherwise. it makes people think: "hmmm, what is true reality vs. MY reality?"

    Yes, that one was very familiar.

    Another one is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".............may sound odd, but the similarities were astounding. You had to be Greek to be accepted by their family............things non-Greek, were not approved of.

  • jeeprube

    Got to agree with:

    The matrix.

    The Village.

    The 13th floor.

    Also has anyone scene the South Park episode :"The Special Friends"? The boys all join the cult of Blaintology (Based on the magic of David Blain). It's good stuff, they even go door to door and give a somewhat JW presentation.

  • lisaBObeesa

    Les Miserables To me, Javert the policeman was the elders, the GB... they believe they are so good, so high and mighty, so holy becase they follow RULES, they never break the LAW, so they are better than people who do break law...people like Jean Valjean.

    Jean Valjean must repeatedly break the rules, the law, in order to actually do the right thing. He was the most Christian person in the story, and yet he was an escaped convict.

    The story just shows so beautifully the difference between God's Laws and man's.

    To my thinking, you CAN'T follow all the JW's holy bible based rules and be a Christian. Blindly following those rules makes people do horrible, evil things.

    And of course as others have mentioned:

    Truman Show I cried when he broke free, also.

    The Matrix another perfect exJW movie

    The Village could a JW watch this and not be a tad shaken up!

  • stevenyc

    invasion of the body snatchers

  • proplog2

    The Crucible - originally a play later made into a movie with WInona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis.

    Written by Arthur Miller in the 1950's it was about the Salem Witch Trials. Millers real target were the McCarthy hearings that were tearing the US apart.

    It will remind you of the control and hideous consequences when a congregation's leaders go crazy.

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