Films/movies that resonate with Apostates

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  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Shawshank Redemption: If you've ever "served time" at Bethel, you can't help but connect with this film. Institutionalization, mental persecution and "Andy Dufrene crossing through 500 yards of shit, came out clean on the other side. Classic, classic movie.

    The Matrix (First one): Who couldn't relate to the choice that all of us as J-dubs at some point had to ponder: do I take the red pill or the blue pill (should I stay or should I go)?

    Good Will Hunting: I connected with this one on the basis of me deciding whether I should attempt to reach my potential or wallow in the bureaucratic muck and waste the best years of my life. I'm Will headed out to California in search of a girl..........

    Those are some of mine. What movies do you connect with that kind of capture the quandry of your J-dub years/experience?

  • jgnat

    The Stepford Wives. Gave me the shivers, just like I get at the hall.

    The Truman Show. Everyone else in his reality were invested in keeping the lie. I cried when he broke free.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    The Quest for Fire

    if humans had at one time ever been like that, then it throws the whole doctrine of the fall from perfection, creation, garden of eden and subsequent salvation by christ into serious question. it raises a whole host of questions not just about the relationship of genesis to the rest of JW doctrine and the bible, but about xianity in general.

    The Village

    this movie illustrates, overtly, what it is like to be in a high control group, JW or otherwise. it makes people think: "hmmm, what is true reality vs. MY reality?"

  • misspeaches

    Oh I agree with TS - The Village.

    And here's another one completely left field and trashy - Flowers In The Attic.

  • ezekiel3
    The Matrix (First one)

    Interesting that you would single out only the first movie.

    As I progress in my spiritual quest I begin to relate more with the second and third Matrixes. Going from "black & white" to acceptable of the whole spectrum.

  • Confession

    The Village, The Village, The Village...

    I watched this one perhaps only months before I came to the conclusions I did about the Watchtower Society. Its effect was profound.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    star wars episode 3

  • Valis

    THX 1138

  • Valis

    Logan's Run

  • Makena1

    There is a scene in the movie Kinsky where his dad, who's a preacher, talks about the evils of sex. He says the worst invention of all time, that facilitates in the quick access to the male organ is the zipper!! It was so crazy, but I could see a CO/DO give a talk similar to that. The crazy leaps made in his sermon reminded me of some talks given by COs before their talks were more regulated.

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