Reasons for having a "Worldly" boy/girlfriend while still in?

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  • damselfly

    When I was a still a teenage JW ( sounds like a bad B movie drive in flick ) I had a "worldly" boyfriend. For me he was my "out". I didn't want anything to do with the JW's but knew I wasn't strong enough to just walk away. He became the focus of my family's hatred and the reason they believed I left (nothing could have been farther from the truth) This helped me to avoid explantions of why I didn't believe. Not fair to him in retrospect but it took a lot of pressure off of me at the time.

    So for all of you that had '"wordly" s/o's was this the same reason for you as well? Or was there another reason? I remember there was a flurry of special talks at our hall over this subject. Our beautiful young sisters being led astray by evil men wanting to introduce us to a life of depravity, trying to turn us away from Jehovah etc etc. I would smirk inside because it was all backwards, he had nothing to do with my decision to leave it was all settled in my head before he ever came along!


  • PaulJ

    You just want to 'fit in' and be the same as others.

  • PaulJ

    Naturally tho I just fought girls off with my embossed reference bible..... large print!

  • mrsjones5

    I never had a "worldly" bf, at least not when I was assoicated with the jws, but I wanted one. They seemed so much more sexier.

  • Sassy

    When I walked away, I had a 'worldly' bf and I am sure that my mother and friends who were dubs were sure he was the reason I left.. its easier for the to blame him as well..

    Actually I left long before that in my heart.. but when I let him move in with me.. well I had to tell them about him.. but my meeting attendance had stopped long before him.. I just hadn't told them..

  • avishai
    for all of you that had '"wordly" s/o's was this the same reason for you as well? Or was there another reason?

    Um, I had another reason. Three guesses, the first two don't count!!

  • damselfly

    I should have said other then the obvious ones.


  • GetBusyLiving

    I dated "worldly" girls on the sly as a teenager. They were *way* more interesting! They were like trying an exotic fruit after being force fed a diet of of oatmeal my entire life.


  • ButtLight

    I had a worly boyfriend when I was 16. Unfortunately one of the elders was a teacher at the high school, and I was "caught" kissing him. He councelled me, and told my parents that he either had to study, or I had to stop seeing him. So, I talked him into studying, but he didnt show up lol. Cant blame him. So I had to break up with him. So when I was 17, I started dating a kid from the kh. Guess what, he wasnt good enough, cause he didnt go in field service, and all the meetings. So they made me break up with him to! Win loose situation! Man, we sure got screwed out of our childhood!

  • claytoncapeletti

    No such luck for me with dating worldly girls. I would never realize until it was much later whena girl was flirting with me. I even had this girl in 10th grade ask me out, but I told her no cause dating was only for people who were wanting to get married. I then processed to give her a "Questions young people ask book" instead of taking her to her house (her parents were out of town) like she wanted me to do. Needless to say, this didnt help my already week reputation.


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