Reasons for having a "Worldly" boy/girlfriend while still in?

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  • La Capra
    La Capra


    I had one of those, too. He was supposed to be my out. He was a year ahead in school, and was heading off to college and I was going to follow. Once he was in college, my mom sent out the local elders...Between the local elders, my mom and his misplaced love for me, he converted. We broke up, I left the religion after my first year of college and he ended up marrying our classmate's mother.

    That plan really backfired (for him, unfortunately. My biggest regret in my life, thus far, dragging him into the cult). But I ended up walking away 100% on my terms and on my own volition.


  • DocBob

    From a slightly different direction:

    Over the past several years I've gotten quite a few emails from non-JWs who have been romantically involved with JWs. These were not people who were dating recreationally, but folks who had some real feelings for the JWs they were dating.

    Most of these poor non-JWs had no concept of what they were really involved in. They didn't realise just how against the JW rules dating "out of the truth" is. They didn't realize that there was probably no future in their relationship with the JW. And if there was a future, they did not realize that unless they became JWs that they could not be married in the Kingdom Hall. They did not realize what their status would then be as an "unbelieving mate".

    In these cases, it was my unpleasant duty to inform them of all of the above. In many of these cases, the JW broke of the relationship then the elders laid down the law with them. These situations have left many non-JWs terribly hurt.

    Timothy Cambell has a great article about all of this entitled "I'm in Love With a Jehovah's Witness" at

  • G Money
    G Money

    Worldly ones wouldn´t tell if you were "bad." heheheh

  • wheres caleb?
  • Elder's daughter Maybe, but she has to be pretty
  • Pioneer Maybe, but she has to be pretty
  • Virgin Because Jehovah said so
  • Tall ?
  • Big boobs What's that?
  • Tiny waist What's that?
  • Long legs Really? Girls can have that?
  • Gorgeous face It's not our fault! Hollywood corrupted our sense of reality! Cinderella sure was pretty!
  • AuntieJane

    In our small town there was a high school girl, JW, dating a Non JW boy. The pressure got so bad that one school day she went into the girls' bathroom and killed herself. JW's, of course, blamed the relationship with the worldly boy for the sad event. Satan's work, no doubt.

    I think of this little girl now and then, 15 years later.


  • damselfly

    That is such a sad story AuntieJane.

  • keeshah

    Auntie Jane... Just when I think my emotions are too much to bear, I hear something worse.

    I hate how this cult screws up the minds of perfectly normal children.

  • AuntieJane

    The sad thing, the Mom (step mom) left the JW's not too long after. She was a gung ho Dub too. Dad left the state, he was pretty entrenched with all family in, don't know what happened to him. After all the pressure they put on her....even they couldn't take it in the end.

    I think there are probably more of these type deaths than people would know. And I also think anyone looking into joining this group SHOULD know.


  • keeshah

    Yes, I think there is more too.

    When I first realized that JW were indeed a cult, I told myself that they weren't a "dangerous" cult. Well, when you hear about things like this, the child molestation, the deaths from no blood... they are indeed a very dangerous cult.

  • Wolfgirl

    I was lonely.

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