Does your family still think you are coming back?

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  • kid-A

    I feel for you Cordelia, that is tough....

  • chrissy

    ...yes they still hope and pray. I think my mom is giving up some. I can almost hear her telling her friends how I may be "too far gone."

  • confusedjw
    ive been dfed 6 months and my dad hasnt stopped checking on me and i have somehow agreed to putting my reinstatement letter in in two weeks!!

    only coz i wanted to please him, i know the elders will not let me back just yet, i want to tell my dad i dont want the 'truth' but havent a clue how to do it!

    good thread x

    What a good dad trapped in a cult mind. Do what you need to do and don't do what you know you can't

  • thom

    My family thinks I'm upset because my last cong treated me wrong. It's true that they did, but I was on my way out long before that. They keep telling me to let them know when I'm "ready" and they'll be there to talk to and help me get active again.
    They just don't want to believe it as they truly believe I'm going to die at Armageddon. I'm supposed to be the "good" one in the family, oldest of all the grandkids and kids. I'm supposed to live the perfect life and they would never expect me to bring shame on the family. They hide that I'm inactive from others in the family as in reality it's their pride and how THEY look that's most important to them. They have no real concern for how I feel or what I think. They don't listen to a damn thing I say.

  • Ingenuous

    I only stopped going to meetings a month ago - not DA'd or DF'd - but I'm sure the hope I'm coming back is the only thing that keeps my folks talking to me. At the moment, they're in denial (just like my therapist said they would be!) and we don't discuss religion at all. But my Dad's an elder in my former congregation and we got a really "gung-ho" book study conductor just before I left, so I'm dreading the inevitable...

  • DanTheMan

    My family aren't JW's, and I joke with them occasionally that I'm going back. They know better though.

  • Carmel

    According to my older brothers, my parents went to their graves convinced I would "see the light" and come to my senses. What they missed was I had done just that as a 14 year old. Saw the light and came to my senses by leaving the cult...


  • Satanus

    Nope, not mine. They think i'm willful, evil to the core against the wt. That's cuz just before i got the boot, i preached at them on a few things, including how j f rutherford denied the holy spirit. They have no hope for me.


  • karen96

    My family are not dub's, but I met my husband on my way out. When I started surfing this site, he was trying to be supportive saying" If you want to go back, I will respect your decision". Are you out of your f**king mind?


  • mrsjones5

    I hope not but I havent asked lately...

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