What Are Things That You Do NOW That You'd NEVER Do As A Witness?

by minimus 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • delilah

    Nothing really, except celebrate the holidays more openly than I used to. AND, I don't go to anymore meetings or in the field service or give talks....yukkies....and I barely recognize any of the "brothers and sisters" anymore when I run into them in the stores. It's kinda sweet....


  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock


    run for public office,

    hold public office,

    salute the flag,

    have guilt free sex with consenting adults

  • dedpoet

    Enjoy my freedom by living life to the full. Also smoke, get drunk occasionally, have sex less occasionally

  • thom

    Ignore JW's when I see them.
    Let my daughter have a life.
    Get to know my GF intimately before marriage.
    Have an open mind about the Bible, religion and whether God exists at all.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Can't read the Bible without the aid of the Watchtower publications.

    Can't go to a bookstore and purchase any book they feel like reading.

  • minimus

    I don't get why someone who hasn't smoked in decades would do it again.

  • jeeprube


    Went back to college.

    Cuss (but I'm trying to work on that)

    I already watched R movies, so I can't claim that.

    Follow my conscience, instead of my WTS induced guilt.

  • orangefatcat

    1. I smoke, cigs, cigars, pipes, and wacky tabaccy
    2. I wear the letter A
    3. I voted
    4. I sing the national anthem
    5. I have gone into a church
    6. I celebrate all the holidays and my favourite one is Xmas
    7. I swear the F word
    8. I have sex all the time
    9. My favourite number is 69
    10. I have agreed to accept a blood transfusion if the doctor said my life was in danger.
    11. I have gone through red lights
    12. I have lied about being drunk to a cop
    13. I have pulled the car to the side of the road to pee
    14. I have cursed the WTBS and the GB
    15. I have been bad to the bone.

    Need I say more.

    Thats my story and I am stickin to it.



  • Athanasius


    Attend any church I want or sleep in on Sunday morning.

    Go back to college and get my degree.

    Stand for the National Anthem.

    Fly my flag on patriotic holidays.

    The list can be endless.

  • inquirer

    Everyone will think I am stupid but I haven't changed much! Sorry people!

    I also hanged out with wordly people! I always swore, but now I don't do it, because I don't think there is any need too now.

    I always listened to heavy metal music, I never paid attention to them. I always thought you got to do your own thing, and only God knows you.

    I'll still be like this when I am 65 I think! (And yes, still listen to metal if my music tastes don't change!)

    I love God but don't listen to 12 people in NY.

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