What Are Things That You Do NOW That You'd NEVER Do As A Witness?

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  • GentlyFeral

    Oh, it's a long, long, happy list.

    • I do swear.
    • I've been church-shopping lately; have allied with some religion or other ever since I DA'd.
    • I did try to be an atheist first. It didn't take.
    • I've taken lovers and cheered when my darling husband did the same.
    • I get nekkid with other ladies when I get the chance.
    • Miss MaryJane is my friend (let's pretend those aren't palm trees)
    • I've voted in every election.
    • I work magic.

    And - something I never did as a jaydub because life simply was not inspiring enough:

    • I write poetry about it all!

    gently feral

  • cyd0099

    I've taken up pipe smoking, but only on occasion. I like the ritual of it all.

    I've always pretty much read what I wanted to, so maybe that's why I'm here instead of on the inside.

    Openly bought porn and toys. I usually travelled to a neighboring city and snuck it home.

    Gotten falling-down drunk.

    Celebrating holidays and my birthday.

    Had sex with someone who wasn't my wife as well as someone who wasn't a woman. Oh my, I do get around...

    Gone to a movie I wanted to see regardless of the rating.

    Appreciated life and the beauty all around me.

    Dated a polyamorous woman, she has essentially a common-law husband.

    Gotten stuff pierced.

    Gotten a tattoo.

    Living without fear that someone, i.e. the elders™ would find out. Now I no longer care.

  • googlemagoogle

    technically i'm still a witness, but...

    - think things to the end.

    i always had boundaries for my thougths when still believing. i would stop my thoughts before they'd be against god or the org. because god's watching your thoughts, ya know.

  • googlemagoogle

    double post

  • katiekitten

    Watch cartoons ALL saturday morning.


    Watch cartoons and masturbate

    Watch Top of the Pops (it was always on a meeting night)

    Had sex with a complete stranger who told me he was 30 and then turned out to be 18 (it was dark, I was drunk, yadda yadda yadda)

    Peed in a cemetery

    Gazumped someone to get my house

    Lied to the Inland Revenue

    Took a fornight sickie off work and got a doctors note, when I wasnt even ill. (they tried to screw me out of some pay, so I screwed em back, then they paid me the money they were trying to screw me out of so I felt bad for screwing em back for nothing. It was a long time ago)

    Found a $10 note in a shop and didnt hand it in.

  • Nellie

    Allow my children to go to birthday parties (I'm waiting for my first invitation)

    Let my son pierce his ear (he's 18)

    Become politically active


  • PaulJ

    THINK, XMAS, Birthdays and JWD

  • bagpuss

    Have an opinion on a variety of subjects without having to think what the socety view is.

  • googlemagoogle

    Watch cartoons and masturbate

    which cartoons in particular turn you on most?

  • Vassago

    Oh my, where do I start??

    1) Celebrate my children’s birthdays

    2) Go to Adult clubs

    3) Swear, with class though

    4) Had a threesome (two women and a man)

    5) Dance dirty at clubs, Night clubs.

    6) Sing the National Anthem

    7) Drink with someone watching over me (I get REALLY friendly)

    8) Have a tattoo

    9) Have piercing

    10) Let my kids play in school sports

    11) Been in a couple of churches

    12) Take my kids out for breakfast on Sunday morning after sleeping in.

    13) Watch Adult movies

    14) Watch R rated movies

    15) Smoke occasionally, when I drink

    16) Wear low, very low cut shirts

    17) Meet and be friends with whom ever I want.

    18) Live life as if it were my last day.

    19) Travel everywhere I can.

    20) Joined this board!!!

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