Smurfs!? Aluminum?!

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    I wasnt allowed to watch the "Smurf's due to comments made at the meeting about how they are full of demons. Also the garbage pal kids were off limits but I dont remember why. I wonder what the BORG has to say about Harry Potter, if the smurfs were bad, then Potter must be probably directy created by satan.

    Any offical comments on The Harry Potter books or movies????


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  • crankytoe

    AHAH! That's so funny, my entire rated-R movie collection stares them in the face every study, they never mention anything about it!

  • undercover
    Any offical comments on The Harry Potter books or movies????

    Haven't seen anything in print, but these days the WTS is careful about naming actual names of songs, bands, movies, stars, etc. I've been out since before the Potter movies came out so I don't know if their getting the "smurf treatment" or not.

    I did have a JW relative get up and walk out while I was watching a Potter movie on HBO. They rolled their eyes in disgust, clucked their tongue and hightailed it out. I can only assume from that display of over-righteousness that the Potter books/movies have been deemed inappropriate for "christians".

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    I wonder what the BORG has to say about Harry Potter, if the smurfs were bad, then Potter must be probably directy created by satan.

    But...with all the magic and spiritism found in Star Wars and FOTR......JWs can't stay away from them. My JW relative talk all the time about how they used to love I dream of Jeannie.......but they wouldn't watch Bewitched.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I loved hearing various JW smurf legends (at the time I was near/in my early teens)! The most common ones were a smurf doll saying something rude in the KH and dolls moving by themselves in a kid's room or house. In my particular congregation, one kid said he saw two smurf dolls "humping", as we called it back then, but as far as I know, that story never caught on.

  • Ingenuous


    Around 1983 or 1984 Smurfs were the all the rage among the kids my age. Somehow stories got started and spread like wildfire about how the Smurfs were demonic. At first I wasn't allowed to watch the TV show because of the characters Gargamel, who was a wizard, and Papa Smurf who practiced magic, if memory serves. Then it became known that several JWs who had overlooked this and bought Smurf items began to have demon troubles. The one I remember best is a story I related to my JW neighbor's grandmother, who was "worldly" (my mom was furious that I told her this story because she knew the grandmother would think we were all nuts; of course, my mom believed this story, so I guess we were nuts!) Supposedly, a little girl had been given Smurf curtains for her bedroom and the first night the evil Smurfs were there, she awoke to find they had jumped off the curtains and began dancing around her room, laughing demonically.
    Paul's Uncle Mark, who is an elder, told him about an occasion that apparently happened in his congregation involving a smurf doll. As the story goes, a new family who had just started studying, were attending the Saturday meeting with their young son. Half way through the meeting , the smurf doll apparentley stood up and declared, " I have had enough of this s--t!" and walked out of the meeting on it's lonesome. So it seems even smurfs can detect crap when they hear it ! LOL!
    A JW family decorated their son’s room with Smurf wallpaper. Shortly afterward they noticed that the kid was covered with tiny red marks one morning. Mom asked if he had felt any bugs in his bed. He said, “No, the smurfs come out of the wallpaper and bite me at night. In the daylight they’re cute and smiling but at night they have sharp teeth.” Those tricky blue devils! So Mom and Dad had to rip down the wallpaper and redo the room. And naturally the wallpaper wouldn’t burn without lots of gasoline.

    Smurf Story 1: One fellow Witness woman I knew was very paranoid about the "demonic" nature of the Smurfs. Occasionally, she'd babysit for her neighbors (who were "worldly") and who often played with their kids in a "smurf" kiddie pool. The Witness woman never allowed the kids in the pool while she watched them, always feeling as if the pool might make the toddlers slip and fall or try to drown them.

    Smurf Story #2: One Witness mother brought her 3 year old to the supermarket, where the baby always fussed, stuck sitting in the shopping cart. The woman left her child for a few seconds to grab things off the shelf. When she returned, her child had a 3 inch Smurf bendy toy. The good Witness mother immediately took the doll and put it aside, thinking her child grabbed it from somewhere. The taking of toy made the child cry of course, but the mother would not relent. However, over the course of the shopping trip, the child somehow gained access to the toy two more times. The third time, the mother realized that the doll was following her and her baby and that demonic forces were trying to possess the child. The mother grabbed her kid, left the cart and practically ran from the store. Later, I who was employed at the supermarket, discovered one the employees who was stocking shelves kept giving the child the toy so it wouldn't fuss so bad.

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    Dont these smurfs look demonized to you?

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Legolas: There is SOME evidence that aluminum can cause alzheimers, but the jury isn't in yet, so to speak. Studies have been done, statistics gathered, etc, but the short answer is that they really aren't sure.

  • Eyebrow2

    My mother is a devout JW...and she has avoided aluminum for years, but it has NOTHING to do with being a witness.

    She has read several articles, I think starting in the 80s in various health publications that have spoken of the dangers of aluminum. She even avoids certain types of baking soda because some contain aluminum, and she rarely will buy canned beverages.

    I have no idea if there is a link or not to alzeheimers...but my uncle was a raging alcohilic that only drank from cans for over 50 when he was diagnosed with alzhemeirs, my mom figured, well we cannot be sure...but you never know.

    I have never heard of it being a witness thing...but that is funny.

    oh the smurfs....I heard urban legends about them from the platform at circuit assem....unbelieveable.

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