Embarrassing moments at work

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  • Billygoat

    I was waiting tables at a TexMex restaurant in Wichita Kansas, called Carol O'Kelley's. It was the first day out of training and I had a station all to myself for the first time. I was in a hurry in the dinner rush and lost control of my cocktail tray. I toppled several glasses of strawberry margarita on a bald man's head. I was horrified! He had margarita running into his ears and down his white shirt. I didn't know what to say until I heard his wife and kids start laughing hysterically at the sight of him. Then he started laughing too. By then I couldn't help but laugh, but I was crying in the middle of the giggles. To top it off, later that night I dropped a sizzling cast iron fajita platter on the brand new carpet that was just installed a few days earlier. A huge black burn mark on the pretty green carpet. I was there for almost 3 years. *shaking head* I still can't believe I made it that long.

  • rebel8

    I was waitressing once in a godawful wrap around uniform skirt. Wearing pantyhose w/o underwear...because they are, after all pantyhose....the point being that you don't need panties underneath.

    Unfortunately, the hose I chose to wear that day had see through panty panels. The skirt came unwrapped. Silence in the dining room ensued.

  • rebel8

    (twiddles thumbs while waiting for someone to comment on the no panties story. predicts it's either KatieKitten or apostaboys.)

  • Elsewhere
    The skirt came unwrapped. Silence in the dining room ensued.

    *** Slips a dollar in rebel's panty hose ***

  • rebel8

    (takes dollar)

  • Nosferatu

    Not really anything for me. I've caused other people's embarassment. Hell, they were the ones who were stupid enough not to lock the bathroom door. I've walked in on one co-worker taking a shit, and one taking a piss. Not really how I like to picture my co-workers.

    Everytime I use the bathroom at work, I always make sure the door is locked.

  • kwintestal

    I have several. Here's one.

    I was 18 and got my first job, as a courier for FedEx. I was given a cushy delivery rural route, with very few deliveries and pickups and a lot of time to do kill. Anyway, one day I was running late, which was rare. I looked at my map, and planned on which road to take from point A to point B and took a road call Con.1. I'm driving down this road, and it goes from paved to gravel. Not unusual out where I was. I'm motoring along, and it goes from gravel to mud ... then all of a sudden I hit this HUGE mud puddle. It takes all I have to keep the van on the road, but not get it stuck in the mud. I finally get through and stop. I look behind me, and say, "Well, I can't back up through that. I might as well keep going."

    Bad idea.

    I hit a second and third mud puddle. I didn't make it through the third. I'm out in the middle of nowhere, and my cell phone didn't work, so I had to get out of the van and walk to the nearest house. The muddy water was at mid-thigh level and I waded through it, finally getting to dry land and walked up the road to the nearest house.

    I called my employer, and he arranged for a tow truck to get me. The tow truck came, and he said he had to call another tow truck because he would get stuck getting me because I was so far back in this muddy swamp. It took 2 tow trucks 5 hours to get me out. I got back to the garage just as everyone else was leaving, and EVERYBODY laughed. I was totally covered in mud, pretty much from head-to-toe. My boss didn't laugh at the $600 towing bill though.

    It was a road, I swear!


  • kwintestal

    Another FedEx story, I was in the middle of nowhere and I had to take a dump NOW! The only place around was a small, tiny post office. The person said that I couldn't use the washroom, because it was staff only, but I convinced her that there was no other option. I went in, used it and I swear, it was the most foul smelling bowel movement I have passed to date.

    I ran out the door, saying "Thanks so much" behind me, leaving her in a brown fog. Poor, poor lady. I hope the emergency vehicles got there in time to resusitate her.


  • damselfly

    What's that smell? Oh! never mind it's Kwin!

    Another story from my current job as massage therapist. One afternoon at work a man came in for a massage with his girlfriend. We have adjoining rooms so that couples can chat during the massage. Everything was going fine until it came time to turn him over onto his back. Then it was very noticable that he was *ahem* enjoying himself immensely. The embarrassing part of the story is as I went to place a pillow under his neck, I said "just relax your head" at the same moment his girlfriend decided to look over and see how he was doing. Well she saw how he was doing and shot me a dirty look. It was dead quite in the rooms as all 3 of us tried to pretend not to notice. For the last 5 mins as I massaged his neck I was trying to stifle my laughter, hoping that he wouldn't read a double meaning into the "relax your head" comment.The last thing I wanted to do at this point is have the "erections are a normal reaction to a massage" talk. They haven't been back.


  • misspeaches

    On my first day of work at a large flour milling plant. I was given the tour shown my desk the usual routine. My supervisor gave me my work assignments. She told me if I have any questions I should call her on extension 199. She then warned me that I should not dial 911 at all because that sets off the fire alarms. (I should point out that 000 is the emergency number here in Australia)

    So I go about my work merrily and come to a point where I need assistance. I had the caution clear in my mind 'Don't call 911, Don't call 911' and what did I do...? Called 911.

    The whole plant came to a grinding hault. Hundreds of employees gathered at the evacuation point. Several fire engines turned up... I felt terrible. I was standing with my supervisor wondering if anyone could trace it back to me. So I casually asked if this sort of thing happened often. She said 'yes, and the worst thing is the technology doesn't trace who initiated the call'.

    PHEW!!! But I was sooooo embarrassed!

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