Embarrassing moments at work

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  • damselfly

    I think we need a fun fluffy thread today, so this is my attempt at starting one.

    At work we have a big bathtub with air jets. Clients come in for a hydrobath, (hopefully remember their swimsuit 'cause I've seen so many naked people by now it's getting boring), leave and then, oh joy!, I get to clean the tub.

    The tub is huuuge and set out about 2 feet from the wall, it's also very deep, probably 3 feet. I was attempting to dry the bottom of it when I slipped on the wet floor and fell in. My legs were wedged between the tub and the wall and my elbow had managed to turn the cold water tap on. I couldn't get out!!! The water from the tap was making the bottom slippery, I couldn't move my legs 'cause the wall was there. Thank goodness another therapist had decided to be nice and help me clean, she turned off the tap and pulled me out. After the initial shock of "OMG! it's true, you could drown in the tub!", the giggles set in and there was a race to the bathroom so as not to pee my pants.

    There are of course more stories about Damselfly's workplace misshaps, but I want to hear yours first.


    *edit* also embarrassing ? spelling embarrassing wrong

  • Legolas

    First I'm glad your alright!

  • Finally-Free

    Well, I'm not embarrassed by this. In fact I do it on purpose. I fart in elevators just before I get out.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Remind me to never visit Ontorio.

  • feelinglost

    I was slightly embarassed this morning at having to ask one of the patients who came into the office to get rid of the very large black bug that had just made it's appearance in my office. And then when it ran under the copier, and I tried to pull out the copier, and I jumped back and screamed a little b/c a paper clip fell- he got a good chuckle out of it all (and thankfully got the bug!)

  • ButtLight

    I use to clean for rich people in florida. When I first started, and went into the bathroom, it looked like they had two toilets next to one another. I didnt know what the wierd looking one was for! (baday)spelling. So, turned the water on to clean it, and it sprayed me in the face! Then my mom told me they use it to clean their...............you know what! Ewwwww! Another time, me and my mom were leaving, and got on the elevator. I couldnt hold it, so I farted. Of course the elevator stops, and this rich good looking guy gets on!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt want him to think it was me, so I said "MOM!!!!!!!!!!" We laughed so hard, I think he thought we were absolutely nuts!

  • BrendaCloutier

    The company I worked for merged departments and we had a group meeting to introduce ourselves and our specialties within the department.

    Hi, I"m Brenda and I'm an alcoholic!

    I couldn't figure out why they were all staring at me the way they were until I realized what I had said. I was told I turned lobster red!

  • Confession

    Okay, years ago, when on the air at the radio station where I worked as a DJ, I was wheeling around in my chair in front of the mixing console in the tiny broadcasting studio I was in. Problem: there was no plastic chair mat, and over time the chair's casters were ripping up the carpeting so that there were lots of strips and chunks of carpet fibers lying about. I fly back in the chair to grab a commercial cartridge--but a carpet chunk gets caught in the caster. The chair stops moving--but I don't! The strength of my kick sends me flying off the chair a bit. In the attempt to right myself, I am falling all over the studio: BOP--BAM--BOOM--BOOP--BING--BIPPITY--BOP!!! Each moment I think I've caught myself, I haven't and keep falling, trying to grab onto anything. WHAP--PLOONK--THUD! I think the whole experience lasts about fifteen seconds; it truly must have been a sight to see. I so completely wrenched my spine, I was not right until after at least two chiropractic adjustments.

  • Legolas


    Hi, I"m Brenda and I'm an alcoholic!

    LMAO....what should have you said?

  • damselfly

    These are great! My cats are giving me the evil eye, they can't sleep because their mom keeps on laughing and waking them up.

    Keep them coming, it's cheering me up.


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