Whey protein shake

by tsunami_rid3r 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • melmac

    Glad to know that almost everybody hates it as much as I do...

  • jeeprube

    Just wanted to make one shameful post and break into 100..............

  • tsunami_rid3r

    yep, i started today. morning jog around campus. start smart cereal with soy milk and a whey protein shake mixed w/ water. i just had yogurt and an apple. i think i'll get some juice for that shake yea.

  • kid-A


    Use GNC vanilla flavoured whey protein powder, throw in a banana (or a couple strawberries) and mix it in a blender with soy milk, its actually pretty awesome tasting.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    yea thats what i got gnc pro performance 100% whey portein. tastes like crap. but i just bought some straberry minute maid

  • Finally-Free

    What the bloody hell is wrong with this younger generation???

    What ever happened to cold pizza and warm beer for breakfast?


  • tsunami_rid3r

    ok, so i missed my workout today. is it ok if i workout tomorrow morning and workout the next day during the evening?

  • upside/down

    I add a banana, a non-fat Yoplait yogurt, Pomegranet/Blueberry juice with a little water and one scoop of whey protein... YUM!

    Followed with my morning vitamins and minerals...(A multi, a fish oil, and a glucosamine/calcium supp.)

    Seems to keep me sane...

    u/d(of the prefers cold pizza too for brek class)

  • Princess

    You can workout two days in a row since you aren't working the same body parts. Take a rest day (OK to run if you want) and then back to your schedule.

    Sorry I haven't emailed you back. I'll take a closer look at what you sent and email you today. It looked good at first glance.

    Why the whey shake? Are you still hungry after breakfast? I'd save it for post workout and don't drink it when you don't lift. Definitely add some fruit to it, frozen fruit if you can. I'm assuming you are using a blender? If not, then fruit juice is a good alternative. Otherwise.


  • melmac

    Yeah! You don't have to train everyday. Remember: the single most common error for weightlifters is to overtrain. If you do train everyday, be sure to alternate body parts... training the same muscles everyday is going to deplete their recovery abilities.

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