Is Clairvoyance evil or a human trait?

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  • Gill

    I had, when a JW, always bought into their views that sensing and feeling, knowing things was due to Satan the debil and the deemunz! However, I now believe there is a more scientific reason to so called clairvoyance and that some people are more 'wired into' the cosmos for some reason or other. My reason?

    A relative of mine died suddenly a few years ago.

    I was walking up the stairs at home, at 7 05 am and suddenly had an immense sense of loss and grief. I ran in to my husband, who was in the bathroom, crying and saying I'd lost someone, something. Someone's gone forever. The feeling of loss, I can't even begin to tell you the despair I felt. I knew someone had died. Yeah! I felt a disturbance in the force, if that makes more sense to any of you.

    About ten minutes later, I was still crying and ...I can't explain it, but the feeling of losing someone forever, but then the phone rang. My sister rang telling me that my aunt had died about ten minutes ago!

    When I told this to my JW relatives later they gave me some bloody funny looks I can tell you.

    But that's what happened to me. I believe there is some very heavy scientific reason for my knowing that something had happened. What it is......who knows.

  • doofdaddy

    Had an experience 2 weeks ago.

    I was very ill o'seas. Had just signed out of hospital

    Had an experience 2 weeks ago.

    Long story but basically I had checked into a room without giving my name(common in Asia). I emailed my sister for her details as I was ill and needed her phone number in case it got worse. I went back to my room and realised in my illness that I had told her the incorrect name of the hotel. I was so weak, I figured a quick nap and I would email her back.

    I woke out of a deep sleep to hear the telephone in the foyer ringing. I just had a gut feeling that it was my sister, tottally irrational. I walked in to hear the local guy saying madam, madam no English. I tried to get his attention but he was so flustered he would'nt listen.

    I wrestled the phone from him and just said, Brookes? She yells Andy!!

    I said how the hell did you find me? She said my guides said you are in trouble, so I just went to the internet and looked up accomodation in Sri Lanka....

    There are literally thousands of accomodation places in SL.

    We haven't had a chance to talk in detail about this yet but suffice to say the mathematical odds of reaching me so quickly under those circumstances ( no address, no name, me waking up and having the conviction to take the phone from the owner) are pretty thin and yes I often think of her just before I get a call and no we are not frequent communicators

  • damselfly

    I believe this to be a human trait, some have it more highly refined then others.This is what I believe as well,

    The closest thing to "psychic" ability that I do believe in is a person who is an Empath... and I don't attribute this to any supernatural abilities but the ability for one to sense the feelings of others based on body language, vocal inflections and other subtle forms of communication

    However I don't know what to believe when it comes to people who know from miles away that a relative died, or meet someone and immediately know personal details about them.

    As far as the heart being a center for this? I don't think so. I do believe in cellular memory, just not that the heart is anymore specialized in all of this then the rest of the body.


  • Cygnus

    What are the odds a golfer can hit a 95 yard pitch from the fairway, have it hit the flag, bounce a couple of times, and the go in the hole?

    The next hole being a 196 yard par 3, he hits a 5 iron, skulls it badly (hits a low screamer by accident), but the ball hits the pin, bounces a couple of times, and again finds the hole?

    It's happened, many times, yet the mathematical odds of it happening are astounding, And it's likely the golfer didn't say a prayer first or ask for divine intervention.

  • doofdaddy

    Evidence please Cyggie not probablies

  • metatron

    Actually, there have been some powerful incidents regarding psychics , gambling and the stock market.

    During the '80's, a group of psychic viewers attempted to foresee silver futures over a period of several months. They

    were right 9 times out of 9 and made over a $100, 000. This was documented by a BBC program - that was re-edited for

    NOVA on PBS and titled "A CASE OF ESP".

    Don't bother looking for the tape or trying to order it. All copies on file have disappeared and the program went unlisted.

    How do I know all of the above? I actually met and talked with Russell Targ ( of CIA remote viewing fame) and he gave a

    presentation regarding the 'missing ' TV show. He had his personal copy of the program.

    He also reported that his daughter and some friends remote viewed the future of a roulette wheel in a Vega casino.

    After a number of stunning wins, they were ordered to leave and not return by security.

    I have recently stumbled on to the bizarre situation regarding the US government and its use and training of psychics

    - AND the 'official' cloak of disinformation that exists about it. It was entirely real and stunning in its import.

    There are a lot of people with vested interests who want the whole subject painted out of the picture.

    You watch the X files and think it's all nonsense .................... and then......


  • Gill

    doofdaddy - That is so cool. Who knows what the cause of it is, but still, really a good outcome!

  • doofdaddy

    Gill you understand.

    It was not so much how it happened, it's that there was a v positive outcome. This got me wondering about guides as I am a little gunshy of gods and spirits in the literal sense after becoming agnostic/atheist thanks to jw experience....

  • jwfacts

    I went to a clairvoyant on the week end for the first time and it was an amazing experience. I had it taped to see if I was leading the conversation in any way, and spoke very little through the whole session. I can not decide what i believe about it, but I was told a lot of incredibly intuitive information and some very wise things.

    I have noticed psychics are very much into being good people, doing good and worshipping a creator. Not at all like the satanic occultists that the witnesses talk about.

    I find it difficult to accept fortune telling. However there is some substance to being able to pick up memories and knowledge from our energy and auras. Even many witnesses indulge in such things when using homeopathic medicine, I know countless witnesses very involved with it. Homeopathy contains none of the original herb but works off only the energy of the herb that remains in the alcohol.

  • Pleasuredome
    Can you tell me what the link between Quantum Physics and these capabilities are?


    that will be the Bohm's holographic model, i think. it's only theory, but very interesting nonetheless.

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