Is Clairvoyance evil or a human trait?

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  • Sunnygal41

    LOL, Jim, this topic is going to get the pot stirring on this forum to be sure! Personally, from what I've read and heard, it is extremely likely that we have these abilities as part of our DNA. There are scientists in Russia who have done studies and actually found a genetic link in the DNA to these "extra-sensory" abilities. There is a great movie out: "What The Bleep Do We Know" that I am going to view tonite that deals with this subject, from what I've heard. I will share on it after I watch, for those who have an open mind and are truly interested. Terri, of the my 5 cents class

  • Sunnygal41
    I'd also like to know why psychics don't have a bias toward winning the lottery.

    Hi, Elsewhere.......I know you are only partially serious in your above question, but, I'd like to share with you my own viewpoint from my studies in shamanism. A shaman is a healer, and everything that a shaman does, and the energy they tap into to heal others is to be used in a respectful, non-self-serving way. It would be morally/ethically wrong for me to use my abilities in that way, but, I think you kind of realize that anyways. Terri

  • metatron

    Various people in the Bible were remote viewers.

    Samuel, "the seer" who found Saul's lost cattle.

    Elisha, who angered the king of Syria by remote viewing his plans

    Jesus, who told the woman at the well all about her home life.

    The biggest problem with psychic ability is its fleeting, capricious nature. It comes and goes, as if teasing you.

    The famous "Philip" case in Toronto strongly suggested a sort of child-like, playful element to ESP. I'm personally

    investigating this aspect of ESP to try to comprehend what's going on.


  • BrendaCloutier

    One of the methods used to communicate with your pets is to vision what you want your pet to do while you talk to them.

    I was holding a neighbor cat talking with her. We have a cat that has gone AWOL because she HATES the new kitten.

    Well, I told Sugarcat that if she sees Princess to send her home. No specific response until I pictured Princess in my mind. Then Sugar started growling and hisssing and getting really pissed off! (She's a bit neurotic anyway) but it was in direct response to my holidng a picture of Princess in my thoughts.

  • jaffacake
    Can you tell me what the link between Quantum Physics and these capabilities are?

    Can you give some more info about this evidence?

    The stuff I've read on quantum physics dismisses these sort of pseudo links as a distortion of the actual theories & principles, exciting and fun as they seem. I hear of research every now and then but never yet has there been one speck of evidence - here's hoping. Its like religion and God, you believe or you don't - pure faith.

    I agree with Brenda about animals sensing things, and humans have similar abilities. I'm less convinced about the conclusions or explanations people draw. Personally I believe these connections with animals are more to do with body language than anything more mysterious (eg is horse whispering just about an animal reading people) but I'm not DOGmatic about it. I think that is quite a long way from what people would describe as clairvoyance.

    If there is anything in it at all, I'm sure its quite natural, and nothing to do with Satan or demons, which I am quite sure do not exist. My two penneth.

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