Is this what dubs do on a convention night now??????

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    Hi everyone.

    There is a huge dub convention on this weekend where I live. I can remember how spiritually full I felt on those weekends as I enjoyed a spritual banquet and an abubdance of spiritual food at Jehovah's table, in the spiritual paradise, surrounded by spiritual people

    So what's going on these days??????? Read on and you'll see why last night was so enjoyable.

    15 pp.10-15 Beware of Music That Debases! ***

    Beware of Music That Debases!

    16 Never forget that the imperfect human heart is treacherous, desperate. (Jeremiah 17:9) Is your heart persuading you to listen to or dance to what you know to be wrong in Jehovah's eyes? If so, beware! Prayerfully seek God's help so that you can 'keep on making sure of what is acceptable to the Lord and quit sharing in the works belonging to the darkness.' (Ephesians 5:10-12; Psalm 5:1, 2) Your firm refusal to listen to or dance to sexually debased music may even serve to reprove others whose heart may be misleading them.

    Firstly I would like to say that last night was very funny and extremely entertaining. The dubs were the entertainment and what made it even better was that they were from out of town (here for the convention) and didn't know x dubs (us) were at the restaurant watching them, so they really let loose.

    Secondly, I have nothing against belly dancing, latin dancing or any dancing at all. I love dancing myself and enjoy watching people dance.

    Last night was my friend's son's 21st birthday and we were invited to a Turkish place to have the party. As there is a huge dub convention in town this weekend and the resaurant we were going to was near the venue, I said to my hubby we should expect to see some dubs. When we arrived I quickly scanned the area (we are faders not dféd, so it could have been a REALLY interesting night) and didn't notice any familiar dubs but did notice men in ties and suits and women in dresses. I sat at the table facing the dubs and saw their lapel badges.........oh yes, there were many dubs, taking up the whole back area. There were older men, young bros from about 15 up showing off their new suits and revealing some 'worldly' jewelery by loosening their ties and unbuttoning their shirts...........young sisters still sporting their pride and joy outfits and the older women keeping the whole thing together. OK, so we knew who they were but they didn't know us.

    We had a fine dinner and a FEW wines, the night progressed nicely. Then the belly dancer came out. She came straight over to our tables and started her erotic dance. I said to a friend, "Watch the dubs leave, it'll be too provocative for them, especially the old men." No sooner had I said that and a young bro came over and dragged her to their tables. She started to drag bros up to dance, the dubs wiggle the hips, wrapping their arms around her waist, clapping, yahooing, the young bros' eyes were almost out of their sockets while the sisters tried to look disgusted yet confident, careful not appearing judgemental. Then the cameras started flashing, almost creating a strobe effect.......LOL There was a lot of excitement amongst the male dubs, let me tell you. My kids were saying out loud, "Jehovah sees all things and reads the heart" and the people we were with said they had never imagined dubs carrying on like was something to be seen.

    I'm not posting this because I'm horrified that dubs are behaving nomally, actually I was happy about it. Last night just reminded me how they will all be prancing around at the convention today, spiritual and serious, pretending to be different from the rest of the world. Some of those old men dancing with the belly dancer last night were probably much pressure will they put on young ones to not do certain things while allowing themselves the pleasure of freedom in the form of title and power?

    Are dubs dropping in numbers, in standards or both? To be honset, I am so glad that I don't have to be affected by other people's choices or feel betrayed by their hypocracy, as I once use too. I just sit back, live my life and let others live theirs.

    Enjoy another day of freedom from the wts........have a fine sunday.

    Cheers, Bliss

  • luna2

    Very interesting, Bliss. If I'd been a dub, and been there at the restaurant, I'd have been mortally embarrassed. LOL I remember what an uptight stick in the mud I was...probably still am in some ways. Glad I don't have to worry about things from that angle any more at least.

  • Sassy

    oh what freedom we have!!! Doesn't seeing them around you remind you of that Bliss??

    damn i miss chat and visiting with you!

  • Nellie

    Wow Bliss! Sounds like a fun night! Nothing like that ever happened when we went out after a convention. But there was this one time ....

    Picture this, I'm sitting at the table (there's like 30 of us) and some of the adults decided to have drinks (of course in moderation it's okay) and the drink that I want is ..... drumroll .... a "screaming orgasm" - you should have seen me trying to get the waiter to come closer so that I didn't have to say that out loud across the table. He looked at me as I was trying to find a "spiritually correct" term to use and fortunately knew what I wanted! My husband started laughing at me and those immediately around me started cracking up when they figured out what was going on! All I kept thinking was, "why ohh why don't I like beer?"

  • Ingenuous

    Don't forget the party after the Memorial! I went to one once, but started feeling really weird about going out for dinner and drinks after a memorial service.

  • nowisee

    hey nellie --

    just curious...

    what is a "screaming orgasm"??

    (the drink that is -- i know about the other)

  • GentlyFeral

    nowisee - Found this at

    gently feral

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I'm surprised they didn't melt down all of their gold, and make idols. HL

  • ozziepost

    G'day Bliss,

    This is what they're doing up Bethel ways:

    Cheers, ozzie

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    That's hilarious. Just imagine the reaction if you were lucky enough to get a convention speaker on camera, and then put 8x10 blowups of him outside the convention center showing him with his arms wrapped around a belly dancer. I think I'd actually go to a convention to see that.

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