Why did the WTBTS not sue Ray Franz?

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  • katiekitten

    I dont think anyone idolises Ray Franz, but I think lots of us recognise how immensely important what he has written is. (the man and the book are two seperate things).

    He writes entirely without bitterness - to me that shines through on every page. It makes the information in the book palatable. Pesonally I would have dismissed a lot of what he said if it seemed like he was on a one man crusade to bring down the society (misplaced hangover loyalty would have kicked in).

    But he wasnt. He never attempts to seperate anyone from their faith. He merely documents with painstaking accuracy the things that are clearly wrong about the actions of the WTBTS.

    Its not Ray we are worshipping, but it cannot be denied that the information he bravely presented us with had aided a LOT of people to recover their equilibrium after a traumatic spell in a damaging cult. And for that I am very very grateful. And if it looks like I am a bit sychophantic about him, well, I think perhaps he has earned it, although I think he would not welcome any personal praise. He struck me as a very humble man.

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